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In a very high level as you heard their tyree is getting away from the animals he's gotten away from dairy to is tom habur stir a road and a future for bleacher report magazine damien lillard and wilson chandler and a bunch of other nba players have embraced veganism as well and not just because it drinking tart cherry juice before bed every night makes raid delicious nightime experience joining us now to discuss is tom however strove he's a writer at large for ably to report magazine and one of the proprietors of the basketball friends podcast welcome to the show tom extra mayaga so i tried to make a connection between the league being faster players being skinnier and this seemingly micro trend of players going vegan do you feel like data's affair connection to make that players like kyrie irving damien lillard wilson chandler and others that will get into our embracing this diet because the league is faster and players or skinnier well i don't think it's necessarily a a big enough sample to say like you know eight or ten or a dozen players of totally shifted the league's uh pace but i will say that generally speaking uh it is so hard to get by in today's nba where the pace is so fast um and just the the actual playcalling is so much more sophisticated defenses or just they have rotations on top of rotations that if you're not fit if you're not healthy if you're not taking your uh taken care of your body at one hundred percent of the time you're to wash out really fast and i think this is one of the signals of that so it's not just carrier having or damien lillard it's guys like wilson chandler and his candor the new york knicks um these guys have slimmeddown in the offseason in hopes to get quicker and faster and alleviate you know joint pain wilson chandler for example said he feels so much better after two hip sir.

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