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Let's them do that but it's it's not because they're awful people there. There's whatever it's because they've never done anything else and you can't fill that void that professional sports gives you. You know that a lot of people like you said you or your father probably got the same kind of basic feeling from his job right. It's very difficult to fill those voids when they're gone and went and when you're thirty two yeah thirty one and you don't get to choose shoes it sucks and guys I'm. I'm sure the Lin Sanity years made it even harder for him when he hit right because he was a guy that you know that nobody news a fringe player and then all of a sudden he became a real legit N._B._A.. Player and was a star by weeks remaining the actual rock. He's saying that he's rock-bottom it means he means his rock-bottom professionally correct not like rock bottom compared to literal what could be rock bottom for a person with a drug problem or or he's only death for or his own personal Ross when he was literally sleeping on a guys couch trying to play that was different because he was had made it yet. It was twenty three or whatever but that's what it's all about context. It's just this stuff with Labor for every like we talk about the money. The money is why when there's a strike people generally side with management and leadership right because we look at these guys and say well. I'm labor their Labor burbot their labor. They're making two hundred three hundred four million dollars over the course of their career. They should shut up play from my entertainment. That's that's why we sympathize with the billionaires over the millionaires and it's always been weird to me coming up next I will get to that Vogel's story. I will get to that Vogel Story so Vogel spoke to sports illustrated about his relationship with Jason Kidd. We'll tell you what he said. Informants sit down show here on E._S._P._N.. L._A.. Bryan and I be K. here today. Eh talking about what it's like to get old basically because you're gonNA gain weight as you get older and you have to figure out how to maintain these sexy bodies by we'll see I am. I've my goal. I don't WanNa Look I. It's not about what you look like with your shirt off off anymore shirt on looking credible enclosed and just good having like I'm cool. Having a decent dad bought like I'm having that I mean I've got I. We just had our third kit like there's no one out there for me to impress the my my wife is always like you can do better. Go for it yeah and I don't so I just WanNa look credible right great yeah credible in my clothes show. I have a friend who says I literally work out to eat and I adopted that mantra <hes> I work out so I can eat kind of what I want kind of even then it's kind of once you start getting your I. I don't eat anywhere near as many carbs I used to and Marcellus fried stuff. If you gotta be careful about Marcellus kind of day was National Chicken Wings Day. We ordered food earlier. I blame sales for not having somewhere I mean we work with wing people yeah we do. We should have had it but I could have ordered usually go kate sets my fault at could've gone and like ordered wingstop. I've done that in the past year and it's too late because by the time it gets you we'll be gone interesting today and just deliver having delivered tomorrow. We won't be here tomorrow thinking about wingstop though Yeah fries tomorrow and then right tomorrow's Taco Tuesday.

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