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And scot graeme from our westwood one studios in new york are sunday night game on many of these same stations has those pittsburgh steelers five in to now on the year despite all of the soap opera stuff going on and now they go into the motor city to take on the detroit lions coming off a by detroit trying to find their offense again and that could be an easy thing to do against the pittsburgh steelers past threats it's as the world's turns in pittsburgh these days whether it's levy i'm bell crime that he should get the ball more antonio brown should be thrown the ball more ben roethlisberger saying you know i don't know if i have it let me just tell you i can make an argument that they are the best team in the afc and the reason i can make that argument is because they haven't played their best game yet and their defense is getting better each and every week so one at all comes together whenever that may be and maybe it will be this week in detroit they will be a very formidable team they will make the playoffs they will win the afc north assuming everybody stay south in of of course ben roethlisberger stay southie on the other side to in a row now detroit has lost they have lost four games this year they they have not played good offensively and i suspect that they are really going to struggle here against the pittsburgh steelers defense is playing a very very high level so with all the drama going on out there and martavis bryant most likely bean be active aidid for this game i still like the steelers because it seems like the more drama the better they play and they usually come away with a win indianapolis colts go into since to take on the bangles now the calls got shut out last week by jacksonville that sacked ten times now they go on the road against and other dynamic defense and cincinnati comes back home with two and four needing a win after their loss in pittsburgh last week boy did they get beat down in the second half bill re introduce themselves into the wind calm this week i think that they will destroy this team uh the indianapolis colts are a lost he may have no confidence on offense kobe bruce said is really struggling and so is their offense of lines so.

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