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Danielle Minero, Nick Cannon, Drake discussed on Elvis Duran


Number one hit. Music station Quarter laughter Morning show it's Garry and we stop laughing Much more in? Control, now I. Start, laughing you stop crying yes I did hey Daniel minero always joins. Us here on the five AM pre show. She's the Queen of our five AM prochell but right. Now she's stuck in some really bad traffic so here's we're going to. Check in with Bernie in a little bit but evidently there is a really bad accident up on the west side highway coming, off the George Washington Bridge and Danielle. Says, she is completely at a complete standstill, I, I've been texting. Bernie and, Bernie says yes then it's closed she says it's. A really bad accident up in that area so if you're headed off WB, and you're stuck in massive traffic. Over there that's what's going on So why Bernie's following up on all the traffic reports now we got, hotlines ringing over here We have so many things going. On anyway art so here's the deal I don't know No. Exactly I can't you wanna take a privately. Privately for, second so anyway we'll just came out of the song cannot Drake. In my feelings and yesterday some really cool news, came out yesterday Drake happened to go, to the go go to a hospital and. Visit Sofia Sanchez this eleven, year old girl very. Special little girl she's receiving. A heart transplant she participated in, the KiKi challenge and, she, then, said hey Drake come visit me in hospital and. He did so and I think that. Was so. Cool so sweet. Very good guy. Really. Good guy, absolutely great. Guy senior. Danielle all right let me see if I could bring it up on. The board year Danielle, let's see. If we. Got her try to get you a right now Danielle minero you there I'm trying to. Talk to right now Speak hit the other one We're doing it live on the, radio as we, speak here Danielle you there I can't get I don't know. What's going on Phones are. Down I don't know, what's happening? She's not there. Maybe she hung up who knows Anyway so. What's up Danielle a little bit and find out what's going on her? Report of, traffic at but right now I can't seem to get. On the phone who knows you, know a lot of times the DJ's here. In the overnight. They hit a bunch of. Buttons and then they take them all out here, this went out all these buttons are see we mean garett or sitting here behind like a if you can imagine this gigantic soundboard would all. These buttons here and they should all be put into ready to go activation and other not. So when a telephone. Call comes through and. Then I, want to go live on the radio there's just nothing here I can't. Do it you know a lotta times DJ's. Always always say that they don't operate, the, board the way the morning show operates the board so. That's, why they have. Different buttons Porsche but I. Guess they should. Reset it when they leave yeah Eight thirty. Nine No the traffic is bad over by the west side highway coming off the GW because, Danielle literally said people are getting out of their cars, and you know it's bad when people are in park on the, west side highway getting out. Of their car that is correct yesterday we had, on the, show Nick cannon, stop, by good Elvis. Duran dot com if you want to see the interview, with Nick cannon it was a great, interview really wants which a lot out. Of it was it was almost like inspirational interview. With Nick cannon he. Is so busy he's a part of so many things that are going on Elvis after the interview left and also do this. All the time but after, after, Nick cannon laughed Elvis was sitting there talking to the rest of the show going guys that is incredibly how hard worker is how inspirationally was and all the things that he. Wants to accomplish and what we took from the interview was really get a lot of fun lot. Lot of. Excitement very interesting so check it on an Elvis. Duran dot com the Nick cannon interview tonight is the summer, bash. At pier seventeen if you wanna get in all you have to do For for goodwill. You can show up with one bag of a donation for goodwill and we will let you into the summer bash at pier. Seventeen tonight a few ways, to, get your last minute tickets into the summer bash to see social house and Liam Payne yeah pure seventeen beautiful backdrop New York City very very very Instagram today in the morning. Show Jonas blue with Jack and Jack live performance inside the Elvis Duran performing arts center so we'll. Do that. Later on this morning also not forget about the. Staten Island little league tonight Staten islanders SPN yes do not miss. It let's go Stanton island bringing home we are rooting One hundred Hello Oh.

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Danielle Minero, Nick Cannon, Drake discussed on Elvis Duran

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