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We start off dry. Maybe it's no shower late this afternoon, but overnight that's when it gets interesting. We are going get some snow. Maybe an inter to tonight, man again tomorrow all told. Between tonight and Friday. Maybe 48 inches total eyes what they're predicting 28 right now in Ellicott City is 28 in park full time for Chuck's Foods is we had the chuck wagon, latest items Trending and the Food and Beverage World Public Service for our listeners in the name of butter Ball Johnson. He lives in a bubble bubble bath. Popeye's Cajun flounder sandwich has been spotted in the U. S. How about that? Well from spicy chicken now, too spicy fish sandwiches. The Cajun flounder sandwich, along with the basket of crispy Cajun shrimp now available at Popeyes, according to this on the East Coast of by the way, Chuck's holding out for the spicy Whaler, they open that no one comes back. Well, That's right. Everything was okay, wasn't it? I think it was he was became Coca Cola is launching a bottle made from 100% recycled material and never to reduce the companies use of new plastic. So when we made out of recycled materials, we understand that there's still testing it so it doesn't leak problem that would help what they make it out of issue. And just never Valentine's Day You breach has teamed up with American Express and careful how you say this If you care you I'm guessing it's fuku. I'm hoping this fuku. I can't hear a thing You're saying all of a sudden, Shawn. Shawn. I can't hear a thing You're saying whatever. It is the same to you, too, instead of chalky. Thank you so much love from this guy. You messed with his cameras, Bruce. You messed with his cameras to start off the show. This is, you know, a couple of questions he comes to die, Shawn. This is a guy who bragged about being able to see the flyover right over his house. And as I pointed out my response to his Facebook post. Yeah, well, you know what if you had asked the Motor vehicle department actually aimed the camera that's aimed at your driveway up with this guy. We could have all speed. We used to have at least have a good contact The state high wind. When I'd say something bad about the cameras I'd watch and they turned the damn things. No more he left. I've got enough day bucks there anymore. Not anyway spicy chicken.

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