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Really? Because I don't think the man is clear. Right. I clear is -actly. I don't think like even if he believed. He is clear. He knows. But he says does and he stopped taking he's saying what goal is for us to do this. Right. That that's it. What's his mental clarity that we're doing while you're talking about this, exactly? That. I'm the. Read that nobody nobody technically better to talk about this. And he's he is the biggest thing in the game. Right. Especially what he's doing. And I've never seen destruction. Like, this don't give him say destruction. It's not like his paper might be affected. I don't think it's going to be cultural curse. Yeah. Like. Like. I agree and what we costing every single day seeing videos little black girls getting getting, you know, hitting the ridge in black girls getting pulled they sent black boys getting killed and you seeing this end and this day in time, we need, you know, her wish to say, you'll you celebrity you're not you don't have responsibilities to be a role model. We don't have a fucking choice right anymore. Like at the end of the day all raising children. We're always children that can that can go to the same states. Stay stats that these people we have to take responsibility. I know I know mathematics. I though know I was raised by percent. I was like that. But you don't ask time go progress. I started to make club music, and I started to cater to that. But I know the difference. I can no longer be that guy. I have to change. It's just it's just I can't afford a goal comfortable there. But I have to say concede there. That's real. You know what I'm saying? There's just called growth thing out there where it's it's a lot. It's a lot of richness to that situation. Because when you say, which this you mean, well, though, you mean richness like steeper year like like, so so you get a reaction from the masses of people, right? If they've Yankee this or gay to that, right? It's like you could predict the reaction like say, there's no bad promotion promotion, people say, I hate that slowly. But I what I mean is like it's a lot of factors, you know, mixed. So our for like, it's really having a real conversation as far as the community around mental health. Yes rail which has nothing to do with the other stuff the politics. You know, what I mean in in, you know, in the certain way, it's like if somebody is I believe that ninety nine. Percent of the planet. It got mental health issue. For real I. Yeah, I read. I'm like we as we growing in all like the things the choices we make shit like we like, we pour our own. All that mental health is Yellen to the pro for all. Oh, good. I'm good. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Taking care. No. That's one thing. Right. So if Konya is really dealing with mental health issues the way people in the community is treating right. If they really believe he got a mental health issue is terrible. So that's one thing. Second thing is is. Artist with a platform. He choose a song. She wanna make he he choose the position he wanna take. And when you like what he's saying he's heated, man. But when he feel like he see some different did all this the worst Coon every and to me, that's more fickle on the community. What did you know, the other ones here is you got Donald Trump and what he represents? You know what I mean? And they're this dislike alignment, that's not really clear where it's coming from whereas going, so you mix all that together and people think like sheets, they automatically assume whatever they want to assume, but they'll know they don't know gender. They don't know Kaya mental health everybody just talking exploited that condition for on benefits. So you think that's what Chapelle went to Africa that time? And then now all of a sudden. I do not hang at least your help with apple Rasa Japan. Lee. Right. You guys. The reason why Chapelle left at Chapelle show and with the Africa to whack kind went to Uganda..

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