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Wipe, did you want to go there and what were you hoping to learn? Well again. I was in Kigali before the Internet before even great word processors and so doing a an application was a really hard thing at that time. I I was embezzling quite frankly about business school, but I was often called Ems China. Kadogo. which is via healy means little girl that even though I had helped build this bank I also built a bakery. People still saw me as a girl. In Africa at the time degrees mattered I was wondering what it would take to be taken more seriously in those ways. And I think finally while I was so focused on micro entrepreneurship. I began to see that not all human beings are entrepreneurs and that it was actually unfair to expect every single person to be responsible for creating a company that would bed employ them and other people but that there was huge opportunity if we could actually build enterprises that employ people and I wanted to learn how to do that too and so I would say it was those three but I was ambivalent about business school because I didn't think entrepreneurs really went to business school. And I saw myself as an entrepreneur and I didn't know if I would have to patients even to go through two years but Stanford how to Public Management Program and it was clear to me that that would be a place where I could learn to design companies that actually included the poor and connect to public policy in a way that might. Serve the world better. You've written how you believe.

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