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Matter what happens you WanNa make sure that your loved ones are protected and that is why legalzoom continues to provide a reliable way for everyone to set up the right estate plan. Without leaving your home it starts with finding the answers to your questions. Do you need a last will and testament or living trust? What about an advanced healthcare directive? And what's a power of attorney? Well thankfully you don't have to figure out everything on your own legalzoom's online resources make it easy to get started. And if you need to speak to an attorney. They're independent attorney network. Is there to guide and advise you? Legalzoom is not a law firm. So you won't have to worry about expensive billable hours adding up. Take an important step for your family. Today go to legalzoom dot com to get started on a last will a living trust and more or find out how you can speak to an attorney for advice on the Right Estate Plan. Legalzoom where life meets. Legal my guest. Today is a treasure. One of the smartest human beings I've ever met She's amazing and it's always a treat to have on the podcast. A really wanted to talk to her. About what people can do in during his pandemic to boost your immune system and man we get some good stuff really valuable valuable information. I love her to death. Please give it up for the great and powerful doctor. Rhonda Patrick Joe Rogan Experience. Podcast we.

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