Arlington Virginia, Loudon County, Washington Dc discussed on Mark Levin


A lack of school choice are awful and you get the pay massive taxes for all the the benefits so I think what you're going to see is the voluntary depopulation of these metropolitan areas for people who want to live safe and free and prosperous life leave I think you'll see a lot of the move into red states and from a political in the geographic perspective my concern is the vote Democrat as they always do the people in the cities and they'll destroy what's left it is a bizarre contradiction but I've seen it happen in my own county which was in is an expired the people leaving Washington DC people leaving Maryland people leaving Arlington Virginia and so forth the move out to Loudon county or some of these out of counties and they voted in exactly the same ideologues destroy the tax base describe the school systems over and over and over again but I think you're going to see significant demographic movement in this country away from the inner cities in further out to the suburbs in the experts in in into the red states that are run well for the most part whether it's the virus or whether it's law and order what's the number one sign of a bad home security system home security system that's so complicated you never use it exactly the type of security systems simply safe has spent a decade fighting against they believe that simplisafe for exactly exactly.

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