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E. G. A. S. two two one zero zero zero you know because it seems like you know a month two months three months can go by without like you said the market truly been a roller coaster hello help us understand though out there who may not have been in the industry for thirty years like you help us understand this volatile market and what we can do about it we talked about a market correction action plans okay right if you ask me about we talked about that before the show when I got into a little bit ago yeah most people don't have one and the time is now we had a market correction we're in we're in a market correction who knows what's going to go sure many people who have already done this aren't worried about what's going to happen because they already have their plan a place again that core and explore okay so it's it's really easy to get caught up in the media cycles and see in the market up twelve hundred one day only to be down twelve hundred the next on the dell Thomas that's gonna drive people crazy after awhile I would drive me crazy I'll tell you that but if it's only you the portion of your money you really don't need to survive and thrive in retirement the doesn't matter as much now it always matter see money go down but if you have some of the other money in Europe here accounts we call it in the yellow accounts that's a liquid liquid accounts money that's there for you when we have a market correction yeah it's also been called quote keeping your powder dry on flow I like that so when the market goes down you can scoop with some some really good deals yeah yeah sure apple or some whatever you know you should never buy anything unless you have a plan of when you're going to sell it so there's been a lot of stocks on the blue chip stocks are getting hammered but let's say you buy today or tomorrow we when the market opens on Monday right is that get it just because it's down does that guarantee it's going to go up not necessarily something I learned from you if you could go down right so you need to have an action plan put together a market correction action plans we go we have a special steps will go through with you to make sure you don't do things impulsively and don't cost yourself unnecessarily by impulsively good always worked out with my English teacher from high school be proud of because I was you I was a math guy it was like it was a nice anyway let's make sure we get on the right path and if it's not that hard but it really does folks you really need a team not only to give advice but the talk you have to think sometimes we see some really bad decisions and then another thing is I've heard this over and over again coach we would love to liquidate some more money on the market but we're gonna have a tremendous tax bill oh sure yeah the times you've also heard me say this before I'd rather pay tax on a game folks the game support these days if you have a payment into the market you know it's more fun have a gain or loss but I thought that I'd rather pay tax on the gain and have a write off on a loss and that is stinging a lot of people these days because it's truthful Thomas so then you get other folks out there folks you might know somebody might be you that's listening coach I'm just gonna hold in place and hope the market comes back now hoping and praying is not a strategy great on Sunday try to get ready for the market not only have to be very careful about hoping that things are gonna be fine let's take action again in the market correction action plans is the most important word there's what action let's take some action and get a plan together that we know is going to work based on science and math and based on no speculation and having that predictable reliable income stream for the rest of life growth income protection Thomas how many years have been saying that over over again that's part of our retirement plan that we build it grows when you don't need it doesn't depend on the stock market going down the market is down you don't lose that money the protection money from risk fees commissions and then when you choose in the future you flip the magic switch and you get the green flag on the mailbox that say income plan for life vitally important these days I've been screaming from the rooftops of the construct the wrestling with what we're getting a lot more calls he would people wanting that market correction action plans networks the next twenty people call we're going to waive our thousand dollar fee to put together a complete analysis of where you are right now but more importantly we gonna look forward and put together your very own customized plan that does what you wanted to do and doesn't have all these hidden trap doors that a lot of people experiencing these days one of the the stock market finally someone's offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talk there's a lot of financial double talk and retirement sales pitches out there and here's the thing is we need to get around those sit down with the truth to do Shiri retirement planner and get.

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