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One second wave manifest itself how will we know that one is upon us this week Wade viral and political from W. NYC in New York this is on the media Gladstone field after weeks of violent protest golf ball the wall coverage the current role has some questioning what's next for black lives matter hammers turned off he thinks that the movement activity has somehow ended but it hasn't what is required to have shifted also a one story from Oklahoma learned of the nineteen twenty one all from massacre only five it was never covered we learn something like that that took place so close to you and so is bald in your history it feels like it changes your it's all coming up this live from NPR news on trial Snyder the justice department is trying to else the US attorney who oversaw key investigations of allies of president trump including trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani but in Pierceton Newman reports Geoffrey Berman says he will not resign Berman says he will not step down as the US attorney for the Southern District of New York until one nominee is confirmed by the Senate Berman says he learned of his forced departure in a statement by Attorney General William Barr Barr says the president intends to nominate J. clean the current chairman of the securities and exchange commission to take over the role for the first time in three months president trump is holding a campaign rally reporter Jessica calling her is in Tulsa Oklahoma where the rally tonight comes amid fears of both spreading across the virus and violence it will be the nation's first indoor mass gathering since the pandemic began the president's campaign says more than one million people have signed up for the rally city health officials are pleading with his campaign to cancel the event citing concerns that sex close contact could cause a rise in corona virus infections and create a so called super spreader attendees have to sign a waiver saying they won't sue the campaign if they contract the virus NASA will be provided meanwhile tell says observing Juneteenth this weekend officials are worried that planned peaceful celebrations and anti trump rallies could spark violence this is the president has warned against demonstrations for NPR news I'm Jessica calling her in Tulsa as crowds gather for president trump's campaign rally until so this evening the city's mayor has rescinded a curfew that had been expected to remain in effect through tomorrow morning tolls as mayor says the secret service had requested the curfew be rescinded after an initial rise stocks finished mixed in Friday trading Steve Beckner reports the Dow Jones industrial average lost over half a percent while the standard and poor's five hundred dipped funded center Porsche five hundred dead more than three quarters of a percent and the tech oriented nasdaq composite rose for a sixth straight day encouraging economic numbers vied with corona virus worries to yield another week of volatility on wall St equities got a boost Monday when the federal reserve announced plans to buy corporate bonds the rally gains strength Tuesday when a record rise in retail sales and rebound in industrial production were announced but in the ensuing days investors grew more hesitant amid reports of mounting virus cases and cautionary comments from fed chairman Jerome Powell on Friday the Dow reversed sizeable gains after apple announced store closures but still ended up more than one percent for the week yes and P. is up one and seven eights and the nasdaq three and three quarters percent for NPR news I'm Steve back and this is NPR news the Tony awards have been postponed indefinitely but the inaugural Antonio awards celebrating the achievements of black theater artists on an off Broadway was held in a virtual ceremony Friday evening on Juneteenth a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States Strickland reports a lot has happened since New York theater shut down in mid March the pandemic hit the city and in particular people of color hard and the deaths of George Floyd Ahmad Arbury and Brianna Taylor stirred a resurgent black lives matter movement the online and Tony awards reflected that moment while also celebrating black actors writers and designers and paying tribute to black theater history Best Musical was given to Tina the Tina Turner musical best play went to blacks and best revival two for colored girls among the acting winners were Audra McDonald and Adrienne Warren for NPR news I'm Jeff Lunden in New York as Americans mark to Juneteenth protesters in North Carolina pulled down two statues from a larger Confederate monument near the state capitol in Raleigh after their first attempt was foiled by police in the nation's capital protesters toppled the only statue of a Confederate general in Washington DC and set it on fire on Twitter president trump said DC's mayor and the police department are not doing their job in San Francisco protesters pull down a statue of Francis Scott key key known for writing the poem that became the national anthem he and his family had links to.

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