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And under delivering on that service. I think that's I, we see this as just a huge opportunity and as someone who's building his own business and someone who's served the longtime and a big corporation looking at all of this, how do you personally define success? Some people have that barometer where it's about money, and I could not tell you asked me a gun to my head right now and said, what's the value of your stake in I ex, I would miss it. I would be wrong. I don't know. So that tells me it's not about money. I think success is about building a company that lasts that people are proud to work at that my kids to work at some day in that's not measured in dollars. I think success is having a balance between what's important to you inside of work and what's important to you outside of work. And I think some amount of balance meaning that the most important thing. In my life is not just work. I think people equate success to work. I actually don't. I learned the lesson early that identifying yourself too much with one thing in a way sets you up to be dramatically disappointed. At some point. If I defined, you know my life around. I XE at some point in time I might not be the right leader for I x. And so I would step down if the company believe there was a better leader step down tomorrow. If the company honestly believed that there was a better personally, the company I would do it, and I actually think that's what makes our company work. I'm the leader because I think I'm the best person for the job. I'll hire people that I think are more talented than me, and I'll be very candid with people. I'm friends with about whether they're doing a good job or not. It's a business, but it's not the only thing in my life. It's certainly not the most important thing in my life. So I think successes are really, really broad term. And I think it's actually important to ask yourself that question as. As an individual because you can start to line up the things that you do on a daily basis behind what your, what your view successes, Brad, thanks for talking to me. Cool. Also. Thanks for listening to this is success from business insider or shows produced by Animas rackets and Sarah Wyman dim. Bobkov is our executive producer and I'm rich felonious for you go, we've got a glimpse at something. Most people don't see with cats Yama. His romantic said, I've played the piano is five years old. I wrote a song for our wedding. That's pretty cool. Yeah. And our our ten year anniversary is on September twentieth it was the weekend. Leeann went bankrupt. So yeah, that was an interesting time to get married. But yeah, I played the piano, longtime, write music, and I do that. You write a song for the ten year anniversary. I did not. It's not too late. Yeah, I know. Don't hear that. Barnaby too high because there will be no song coming. Yeah. Next week on the show. We've got Steve case through his venture capital firm revolution is trying to help the US ease into the next wave of internet companies as the founder of AOL. He's done this before critics lot. He was naive back. Then somebody go the trouble buying a personal computer, so they can like type of message on a keyboard to somebody when you know, pick up the phone call somebody I by. That's not gonna ever subscribed visit success in apple podcasts or wherever. You listen to catch that episode and explore our Arca, please leave us rating and writer review. It helps others find the show. This is a production of insider audio.

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