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You tell me you tell me that your union at Your Work Mark tells you how to vote well but am I being honest do they not influence your vote and then if a church tries to influence your vote all h e double hockey sticks comes down because a church shouldn't be involved in those kinds of things and yet the if it's place if it's fire if it's if it's the teachers you are you are coerced. You are almost score. Aided if if you don't tell them on voting voting this way and vote in such a way God help you at your school if you vote a certain way. Well the truth is you. You're I'm not gonNA tell them how you vote because of fear of retaliation. He used the word cartel they are. It's exactly what it is if you don't have the freedom to vote because you're an association when the Union and they're pressuring you that's just like Guido in what's what's his face out of Chicago well and so I don't use that word lightly and and I say it if you look at the damage that the leaders not not the individual teachers. I'm very pro teacher. At the leaders of the public sector teacher unions have done to this state. It is it is almost unmentionable because what you have right now in particularly black and Hispanic neighborhoods. You have minority youth that are trapped in failing public schools with with teachers that that you're not allowed to pay good teachers more money. You're not allowed to fire bad teachers because it's all unionized. And you had this downward spiral of failing public schools and if you ever dare have a conversation about it or mention it you get excommunicated from it altogether and so with these teacher unions have done is not only. Do they control the state politically but now they control it. Structurally through the through these schools. Where if you look at States Arizona and Florida? That have allowed school choice to happen trust. The parents don't trust the State Trust. The parents don't trust the state where you're allowed to have a parent trigger. Essentially a parent can pull a trigger if their kid is in failing public school by federal guidelines. By pulling the trigger. They say my kids should be allowed to use the tax dollars that I pay to go to a functioning public school now. What happens when you do that? The charter school or parochial school or homeschool. And what happens when you do that. Is you start to create some semblance of a marketplace in schooling education where innovative and accountable principles are rewarded with more students. Were better. Teachers are allowed to be paid. And guess what good teachers should be paid a lot more than they're paid right now and bad. Teachers teachers should be fired. That shouldn't be that controversial other thing. The fact if the California Education Asian system got out of politics and did their job. You wouldn't have this problem and this is the problem. California has got to be number one or number number two highest paid a system if the money goes into the education system maybe most maybe Massachusetts is above us. I'm not sure we're up there okay. Where's it going? Where's the money because you may be? Maybe a California teacher. We're here tonight and you're feeling my goodness I'm working tail off. I'm doing the best I can. I love my kids and it's not happening for me. Let me ask you something. Think every time nine. There's an issue in an election. Someone on your TV is going to say. Our school system needs more money. Will you approve prop Xyz Xyz because we can do more with more money. You already have the most money. What are you doing with it? And that is the thing that you're not supposed supposed to ask you see it and this state and many others and you look at a Catholic school or a parochial school or Christian school. They're able to educate a student for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to get a student through the La Unified School district. And so here's here's the fundamental question when it comes to education in our country which his do we actually want to frame this as a civil rights issue which I think it actually is and if you if you look at it from that prism the current system of public sector teacher unions and what they have done to this state and so many previously prosperous states like Illinois before they are violating these individuals civil rights by not giving them the ability to to read and write at grade level. Because you have unmotivated teachers that unfortunately feel as if they're they are prison to assist. That does not appreciate them and does not reward what they put got into it now. If you look at the one thing you want to Change Education America the one study that always comes back. It's not class size. It's not funding. It's not even zip code. It is the quality and the dedication of the teacher in the classroom. So how do you do it. That will basic market forces. You change the compensation package you say good teachers and guess what I went went to public education in the suburbs Chicago. I had some of the best teachers that changed my life and they got in at six. AM and they left at six PM and guess what they were earning just the same if not unless of teachers that were there for twenty years. That couldn't care less. That should have been fired. No motivation and took every other day sick day and it created a culture mediocrity pretty over time because the teachers feel as if they're unappreciated and they don't care in the final thing you say is is if you do not allow some sort of movement of funds to happen parents that can can reassign a tax dollars that they're putting into a failing public school to go somewhere else. This downward spiral is only going to continue. Imagine imagine right now just just think of the dynamic the politic of this imagine if right now I happen to have whatever's needed in my pocket. What if I tonight had? I'm guessing ten million dollars in my pocket and I look around town and I see that there's some land and we go to the city and we say we want to buy this because we want to be able to school of school instead of them saying wow you know what we know that you guys are all about excellence your kids you know what we know that you guys run school in Africa. Its highest education. Africa thinks kids. We know that you guys know what you're doing. That'd be amazing. We'd never be able to buy the property. Never get that through. And if we got it through can you imagine the stonewalling. That would go on if it was a completely privately. Funded school promising bringing in guest speaker educated. That would definitely got to think of it. Think about it. Think about what. This church has opportunity to do this. Church can bring in senators and congressmen and corporate executives and people people who move this nation areas to teach your kid and you would say let's start at school denied. Here's here's some money. You know what it wouldn't be enough because money wouldn't be the answer. It's an entrenchment that I don't don't know what the answer is. Of course prayer prayer after prayer we need to. We need to vote we need. We need to vote. We need to start voting voting and we have fifteen minutes. You want to do questions okay. Here's some ruled on and I'm not joking. I need everyone's attention. This is an. I'm dead serious if we'RE GONNA do. QNA with a microphone. You have thirty seconds. which was a long time to ask your question if you WanNa preach leaves the building? If if you want to goof off the microphones GonNa go mute okay. This is private property. We can do this. We're not going to waste. Charlie's time we're not going to waste other people's time you have a question if you had a good question. Get behind the MIC over here so I have one shameless plug though so applaud club but one thing is if you guys I have a podcast out. If you guys want to subscribe to my podcast on Apple podcast would really screw up in New York Times if we surged in the charts and beat them tonight. We could do it. We could beat the New York Times tonight. If you guys go tonight. Every smartphone has a podcast APP. Either Google podcasts or apple podcasts. On on your Iowa device type and Charlie Kirk show press subscribe. I'd love to have the New York Times. Wake up tomorrow morning and see Charlie Kirk show them that would give me great joy the sound soundboard. This room could get to be number one if everyone in this room did it forget about it. They'd be writing stories about it. That'd be great. Okay so sorry Dave How do get rid of the Union Teachers Union. Well so that was the shortest question. I really appreciate. Thank thanks to if anyone's in a union right now guess what thanks. The president trump appointing Neal gorsuch and the Janice decision. You can get out of your union. I don't know if you say no. No say that again if you're in a union today if you're in a public sector teacher union and by the way Oughta make a very big distinction. I'm not in the essence of anti private unions. I'm against union leaders public sector unions that exploit and use this on one do influence table enrich themselves. I'm not against workers. I'm not against teachers. Not Against Carpenter. Unions or pipe fitter unions. That is not my position at all whatsoever. Labor has a very very important voice in place and industrialized society. What the problem is is that public sector children sector teacher unions and public sector unions in particular as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt without warned have an unbelievable undue influence in our society because they have no competition? So if you're in a public sector union you are allowed to get out of that union. You are able to save the money and you're legally no longer forced to be a net union so if you haven't gotten out you should do that sometime soon so good. Hi Charlie as someone someone who I work with turning players Sam chapter president as someone who's familiar with your organization and the employees that you have that kind of thing I know that you are open to the LGBT community. My question is just as a person who's a Christian but doesn't run the organization as a Christian Organization. What is your stance on? The community was still being loving to them. Thank thank you so much for the question. I appreciate that so I get this question quite a lot and so I believe in biblical marriage. Let's start with that and I believe exactly as the Bible says it. Ah God created man and woman and become one flesh upon marriage and I believe I was originally raised in. My mom was raised Catholic and she was raised. That marriage is a sacrament. And I believe that it is sacred under God in every every sense of it with that being said and understanding biblical typical marriage in particular number. One I would make the argument that allowing marriage to ever get under the auspices of government was a mistake in the first place. That marriage basically really became something that was just about tax benefits. It's a lot bigger than that. In fact the church should've always just continued to maintain. The authority of marriage is is a union under God. First.

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