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Your Michael Dolan songs are welcome. Seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. Many of you have spent the weekend thinking about Michael Jolley Act of many of us have spent at the weekend thinking about Michael Dolan Akzo. We will get your songs and we will make this a very painful day for Chris. Cody with the call. Screening the telephone number seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. Did libron do the thing that you do the thing all weekend? Did he spend the weekend doing the things to God's because I do get frustrated by the way that we cover these regular season games clippers won a couple of times against the Lakers and everyone said Oh look built to beat the Lakers and then the Lakers win yesterday. And it becomes about the Lakers of the best team in the league. And you've gotTa have something for the Brown James. Those two teams are very evenly matched. And I know the Lakers have been a better at everything this year. I also know that the clippers haven't been trying much of the year because they're sitting some of their Their their sitting some of their guy. They had their top it yesterday. That's the first time they've lost with their topic guys in their rotation saying how do you react to one game because yes? Lebron Look Great. Anthony Davis looked great. But now I turn on my televisions and all the conversations are about is Lebron the MVP and it's a bit annoying that we haven't learned after all these years. It's been a decade of Lebron teaching that one game samples and the regular season. Don't mean anything right. Listen He did do that thing Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks. Because that's a team that still hasn't made it to an NBA final. Lebron tell them. Hey if you do if you're lucky enough if you're fortunate enough to get out of the East I'll be there waiting at. This is going to have to hit some threes which he did not do on Friday night he was one of six Co. Why has won? Titles so it really do that. Thing to the clippers that he normally does because it just come back at them and say hey. I don't care about this regular season stuff. I've won titles already. Janas has not won a title yet. Well John is also lost Phoenix the following day. A didn't they lose. He didn't play lose out tonight as well. I believe So he stole his soul. Lebron stole his soul because he was guarding him. He was guarding Jaanus and guarding him well throughout that game And there is something to be said that about the clippers not being able to protect the rim and if Lebron James is going to get easy baskets at the rim. You're going to have a problem but I feel pretty comfortable saying if those teams play. Seven Game Series A. We don't know who's GonNa win be. It's GonNa be a whole lot of fun to watch because we don't know who the hell's GonNa win. Yeah it was fun to see that. Lebron's hold the coaching staff of the Lakers. That I am guarding Kawhi the night before. That's bump type stuff like this is personal to him. Coin not coming to. The Lakers is personal by going to the clippers and not joining. Lebron is personal. This is going to be a great western conference final if indeed we get it. And one of the storylines of this. New Clippers Lakers rivalry. Is they each have Morris twin now? Marquee sign with Lakers market signed with the clippers. Marcus has once called himself the Lebron Stopper but yesterday you see Marcus Establishes. Look at the whole staff. Marcus Morris the Lebron's Lebron. Supper went over nine from the field over seven from three at around odor sticks the a really need a checkup number seven. You feel like number seven zero and he got that Tim. Hardaway confidence finished with one point. Right yeah one from the line he split to. I am telling you that I believe that one scoring one point in an NBA game is more embarrassing than scoring zero on. The Pole. Guillermo at Lebatardshow is scoring one point in an NBA. Game more embarrassing than not scoring at all. A Patrick Beverley came out saying it said not at all hard to defend Lebron James Lebron stopper and the guy who said it's not at all difficult to guard Lebron. We're the team worst. Plus MINUS Patrick Beverley minus sixteen in the lebrons software minus thirteen. They were a hindrance to their team's chances to win. You know what is interesting about The aging process for Lebron because he's got more Madison Age. What you say that but I would say that physically. You're simply wrong. I would say that he looks good. Deal slower now. He might be smarter and Craftier but there have been a number of times this season where he looks thirty five years old where he's getting stuffed by the rim where he's not getting up the way that you're expecting him to where he is lumbering to stay in front of Janas. Even as he stays in front of Yana. He also made the puzzling decision. It would appear just from his body type. He looks like he's balked up again. And that's usually when he bangs down inside but he's got Anthony Davis now and he's initiating a lot of offense from the perimeter is a curious decision for him to bulk up. I thought that's going to be the interesting thing. Anthony Davis on a game which you had the Bronco y Paul George. Anthony Davis was the best player on the floor right. And can he do that in the postseason? Can he do that for a time series? Stay healthy he can do that against anybody in the postseason the best. But you have seen it in the postseason. You don't remember it. But he has played postseason games. That are very strong. You just you. You're not even doing postseason you're doing. You need to see it in the Western Conference finals. You're not even doing like he's had some money. I don't consider the first avenue the postseason Dan to the second round one time. He doesn't consider that the postseason does he has. He literally hasn't seen Anthony Davis in the postseason because he doesn't watch the Pelicans when they play in the post. Let's let's let's undercut. Stugatz is basketball credibility here by doing something that we were remiss in not doing as all of Sports America celebrated Dwayne Wade for about ten days where there was a documentary on his life and the Miami Heat retired his uniform number and everyone was enjoying the legacy of Dwayne Wade. And here's what are manned Stu. Gods had to say a couple years ago about Dwayne Wade threatening him if he goes to Cleveland and he plays one second of one game and the cavs uniform. I will make sure that he never gets a statue and at Jersey's never retired in the arena. I'll make sure but see the statue yet. Have you go for one? So far. What happened with Giant Jersey tried? It was a giant Jersey. Let's hear that again. If you WANNA hear from STU gods again. We were remiss in not playing this again and again all of sports. America's celebrated the retirement of Dwayne. Wade's Jersey number. If he goes to Cleveland and he plays one second of one game and a cavs uniform. I will make sure that he never gets a statue and Jersey's never retired Nina. I'll make sure. But Stu Gods has ally rings ally a pretty much only played. What second of one game? Listen I realized that the Jersey was going to be a tough task so I forgot about the Jersey I call was it happened on the statute very good. So draymond green is a bit like Stu Gods in pointing at rings and let's I hear from Charles Barkley and how it is the draymond green got incited by Charles. Barkley.

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