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But i think give the next generation of bit of a chance. Everyone's going to use voice. I it's going to be a combination of voice maybe with with a a cameras and facial but voice is going to be the dominant way in which people communicate to devices. It makes sense. Yeah i mean and as artificial intelligence grows of natural language processing is growing by leaps and bounds. Green today about some new stuff that google has a touting its incredible yeah the announcements in their keynote actually with regards to some new. Their lambda and machine learning driven capabilities can now have a conversation with the planet pluto. I mean it is it. Yeah it's it's an time. I think that if you look at some of the acquisitions as well you know the nuance. Acquisition by microsoft. Certainly i mean they're they're their largest acquisitions since lincoln surprised me. It's it makes sense when you think about it because nuance really be to be right. And so is microsoft nowadays..

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