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The UK is down more than 2% The topics are similar fashion losing about that much and it's now down more than 10% putting the index entering a correction We're seeing a lot of weakness throughout the region The SX is down about 1.2% And in sold the Cosby is trading down about three quarters of 1% The first 20 days of January's exports for South Korea rose 22% year on year and imports were up 38.4% We had an interesting story with Netflix the shares down 20% in after hours The company expects to add just 2.5 million subscribers this quarter the street was looking for more than 6 million but here's what's really interesting Netflix actually signed up 8.28 million customers in the fourth quarter of last year a quarter just before this one So it does beg the question Wow what's the big difference What happened between the fourth quarter and this quarter A lot of it has to do with production and you've got to keep listening to this program all throughout our show today While a couple of other notes for you here the China developer country garden has sold $3.9 billion of convertible bonds and we see China futures up about four tenths of a percent Hanks index futures up four tenths of percent and that's with all the carnage that you see elsewhere Dalian one 1389 and the yield on the tenure now at 1.77% falling That is a check of markets Let's get to it Baxter with news in San Francisco Ed All right thank you Brian Biden administration says it's monitoring real-time data about whether amaran and China is posing a risk to global supply chains The my administration has been in full Ukraine invasion clarification mode today.

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