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High school but she was someone like you. You know you can train her. She had the rights verbal skills. The right energy. You don't up people like that like you. I don't really have a position but we'll figure something out as some scanning the is to be done with a recall projects to do. We'll figure this. As i hired her in she's ran pretty much. You know growing into that position. Nash's writing office. I haven't been there for two weeks now. I don't get calls from them. While i go to maui every year for thirty days rent a little Like avila not the ocean but it's ocean front mobile go with the kids and just you know we we work. It's not a month location writing to my podcast from there. I i'm very involved with yappy. It's basically fulltime job. Now but lay team is running the office and honestly i feel like they love me like i don't feel. I know a lot of socially female dentists. They say you know maybe eighteen would have treated differently. If i were a man you know they would listen to me more. If i were a mandate would respect me more. I don't feel that way. I was actually. Just he's promoted to the ceo of the company. So i'm running this. We have thirty three employees at at the at the. I'm sorry my dental practice. We have over seventy now at yappy. Congratulations wow seventy yes. It's been really like fast growth. The last couple years end like an opportunity for me to do something that is a dentist normally wouldn't be able to do. I'm not managing any what people just do things and and it's successful. I don't have to be away so when when cured told me about it. I'm like okay let me see. What is it really that i do that. Makes it possible. And that's kinda how that electric came about. So if you have a manager taking your class and she's got maybe three or four people upfront. That are working with her. I coach. i don't even know how many people have been in the situation and what they say to me always is. I can do that faster for me to do it than it is for me to follow behind them in check on that and i know what i would say. I'm pretty sure. I'm very interested in what you would say. So what would you say to somebody like that. That's a great question. And that's a problem with delegation. We tell ourselves that it's faster to do it ourselves right. The other problem that happens is so we have certain strength and other people have certain strength and we all must feel. And i think you mentioned this when need to duplicate ourselves to have them do what we can do and what comes from that someone will will ask them to do something and they'll come back and they'll do it and they won't do it exactly the way we'll do it because they have a different set of strikes and we catch on this right away so we think they can't do anything. I see. i need to do this myself. The reality is just need to give them enough information. You need to set. Clarity is a great book by mike mccollum. Who was a guest on my podcast. Absolutely adore him. He wrote seventy eight bucks. They're funny. they're shorter easy. Read tons of actionable information. Clockwork is really like there's a piece about delegation which is something that i've stumbled like. Where was this book. When i was learning how to write but basically the idea is that we're task grabbing people right. We tell them okay. Go tie your shoes when you don comeback. And i'll tell you what the next step is. We're really micromanaging. Because we're so afraid that things are not gonna get done just project. But here's the thing. First of all data is better than perfect is absolutely true. Great as the enemy of good or something like that right is. There's another expression basically like i can't i'm a very. I'm a fat fact-finder i'm a perfectionist. Dentist i'm used to like i put on my boy x. loop with a light that i'm looking into tiniest canal and like that's how i were the reality is most people don't operate this way. Like if i read an article. I would notice that a little typo. Yes lent what. It's in my article. I definitely see the typos. Right so dennis. Dennis better than perfect. It's now going to be perfect anyway. The first rule of delegation is set. Clarity people cannot do things if they don't understand what a good result looks like and this is where we'll fail. They think about israel someone on on one of the groups of the pos that turned into like what is a cold dumpster fire. It's a total popcorn pos. That's what i call you. Pull my popcorn and just read the response. Yes it was something about. Like t members in the minimal wage is higher and then you know the unemployment was super sized again and like how identity is gonna compete for team members like what you can get the more. When you work for chick-fil-a here's the thing to get a job at chick fillet. Let's just hypothetically states will filling. It's great to get a job chick-fil-a you have to go through like eight step interview process you spam on indeed with your resume. You have to go to their headquarters at apply. All you have to go to their website to apply. Then you take a test an aptitude test. Then you have an attitude task. Then you have the first launch of you. The second interview the face to face interview the face to face with a second manager interview is then you go through every teaching process in only the of that process you either hire not hire zap was has the same while not exactly the same. They have their own interview process. Which actually talk a lot about a lot about its intelligent injury process that we out so they said well you know everyone chick-fil-a because the management is good or because their process is actually selecting out unhappy miserable people who don't make the extra effort to the right things when it comes to delegation when it comes to operations in dental office we have two things we have people that we have systems first of all a lot of times. We just have the wrong people on the bus deal. You can't delegate correctly you can't expect anything you have the wrong people. They're gonna drive the morale of the entire team down. There's actually been an experiment for anyone is interested was article that i wrote dental economics was the march issue building practice that sparks joy and this is based on your like marie kondo practice. Five staps in the very first step is yet the right people on the bus. You know coming from the book from good to jim collins. Yeah good. But we don't know how like jim collins's explain how to do this. My hope association of midwood's it was about getting the right people on the bus wrong people of the rice. And we don't have time for this right now but yeah like hit me up. We could talk about this stuff. I'm telling you we can talk. We have it set for forty five minutes to an hour. And i'm like thinking. Oh my god. I need like a reporter with your weekend to show the subject basically getting the right people in my lifetime. We're stuck in this mentality that you know if i let suzy gau will. I'll never find anyone like what is the next one is worse. Who is gonna run care. Credit like susie only knows how to run fair credit. Right we put up put up with up. There will start losing good people because no one wants to pitch hit for nonperforming port employees with that attitude right if suzie stocks. I don't wanna work with her. Yes you will lose you absolutely lose. Good people if you keep these like deadweight employees on absolutely and then the second part it systems and we don't have systems in the practice. I don't have system setup. When i lecture i say okay. Raise your hand if you have job descriptions through life. You know what they'll say. I haven't human resources manual. Does that count now. It doesn't count. I mean it does but it doesn't really have you looked at it and even job descriptions not enough. We have checklist. we have like daily checklist. We huddled checklist. We have monthly checklists. We have. I am four binders four. Four inch binders that. I could over many many years together. My costas talks a lot about this. Might mccollum talks about. Grab you iphone and start talking into the phone. Half people already do the job record those systems for you when you have to have documented systems because then you have consistency than everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing and everyone else.

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