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Sports. The top stories we're following for you today on WTO P, a former Catholic archdiocese of Washington employee has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for siphoning off more than $400,000 from the church. There's plenty to do this Labor Day weekend events include a concert from the national symphony orchestra on the west lawn of the capitol tonight, the D.C. jazz fest at the wharf continues through today and there are parades tomorrow in greenbelt and Gaithersburg. Four people have been shot in capital heights and one of them has died. Meanwhile, shots were fired outside a movie theater in Largo, no one was hit but a woman was hurt running away. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. We've been telling you about a Chesapeake Bay lighthouse that's being auctioned off by the federal government and now we're getting more details. The hooper island lighthouse sits about four miles off the shore of middle hooper island. It was built in 1902 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It's just a really, really interesting historic property. Obviously there are challenges. It does need maintenance and repair. Will Powell with the general services administration says bidding starts at $15,000, but at last word, no bidders have come forward. They may be put off by a bunch of rules and restrictions, for example, you're not allowed to live in the lighthouse. 24 hour occupancy is prohibited. The only time that you can sort of an overnight there is if you're doing maintenance, you're doing work on White House to repair at that kind of thing. The auction started August 8th and the deadline to place a bid is September 21st, you can see photos of the lighthouse at WTO P dot com. There's been plenty of concern about students falling behind because of the pandemic and some new numbers out show D.C. out of D.C. show the concern is well founded. Standardized tests from last year confirms the pandemic led to some learning loss effectively everywhere with D.C.'s deputy mayor for education as Paul Khan. The most harm from the pandemic done to students who have the greatest need. The math proficiency rates drop substantially across Paul grapes. D.C. state superintendent for education, Christina grant says only 31% of students were at or above grade level in English and language arts, too. But kind says interim data gathered recently suggest that students are indeed on a path to recovery. Read the full breakdown at WTO dot com. John dome in WTO P news. 6 48. Two Steve dresner in the traffic center. Two Marilyn and we're still dealing with the closure on the northbound side of the BW Parkway at the capitol beltway all traffic being diverted off onto the inner loop if you're trying to access the adder loop of the beltway from that area may want to move over to two O one or four 50. Otherwise, a beltway is traveling well, both directions throughout prince George's county and Montgomery county were in decent shape on 95, no problems reported on two 70 from the I 70 interchange up in Frederick all the way down to the lane divide in Bethesda, free folks trying to get an early start out to the shore point saw clary span route 50 from the capitol beltway out to the Chesapeake Bay bridge currently we have two lanes hitting eastbound three going westbound, no issues along route three O one or at the nice Mac Middleton bridge In Virginia is still dealing with a broken down in Alexandria on the southbound side of three 95 after duke street that incident currently blocking the right lane not causing much as far as delays are concerned. Quiet on the bell William both directions in Virginia and traffic moving well on 66, 95 traveling incident free. No problems report currently from the Springfield interchange down over the oka kwon hitting southbound all the way down to the Fredericksburg area, but the express lanes do remain pointed in the northbound direction. Periton the doing the doing the camp be done for national security because our way of life depends how to visit periton dot com for more information. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. And your forecast from storm team four is Samara Theodore. As we continue to push through a holiday weekend, today provides partly sunny conditions. Still a good day to get out there and hit up the grill or head out and do some activities with the kiddos, temperatures are going to be in the upper 80s, close to 90. So another hot day tonight, temperatures fall into the low 70s, and we're partly cloudy. Now for our actual Labor Day, we have some rain chances. A shot or a chance is possible in the morning and then it's looking like we could see some thunderstorms later in the day into your Monday night. High temperatures for your Labor Day will be in the upper 80s. When it's not raining, it is looking partly sunny to mostly cloudy. By Tuesday, the shower chances increase we're likely to see rain with highs on Tuesday in the low 80s, tapering off Wednesday, high temperatures on Wednesday in the low 80s with sunshine returning in full effect in highs in the mid 80s by Thursday. I'm storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. We're just 63° in manassas this morning 73 at metro center in 64 and Frederick Maryland brought to you by dulles glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs visit dulles glass dot com, dulles glass

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