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Bon br. She trained very well. She won a best. brees was the last two breeze. actually proved that within the. which belongs to another partner called Frisco and we also running this week and I thought twice time. When! She looks like. They dominant in the work at every stage of the work, so would that be that she made? The way she's She writes according to morning breathe. Not always happens. You Know Nice. She the win. Well the the weekend Led the course by the. the steak win Chris the how you coming along with with two year olds for the summer. I got a good grip. I've got to to nine tutorial last week in which I liked and one of them I- temperature three days before the May. Scratch now, then the cool, said the coughing like matter, the salute for the main the pointing both of them very well for the both of them New York, Grand. That's okay. We will bring them back and got plenty more coming over the next two weeks, so I'm pretty excited about the tool. Now. I, love it. What about casino? Grand coming up on Thursday in the easy goer. I've got a question mark because everything was great and I worked in a few days ago and so the what was not, and I don't understand why so my monitoring everything the moment. Name kicking him out to be showing up making a mistake. You've been a good work also designed somebody because puzzled. Don't make mistakes so. Amendment that would say question mark. All right and then. Okay And how about how about the New York bread Oak Bluffs bread the Freud Philly Fresco. Come back for the third start. The fourteenth timepiece tonight Catholics are the beaten count same amending shorter. She's the one I've been working gone, so it's a good line, so let's go imagine. Go and I train them. He's got them the way. How `Bout A recent winner! Going back the last weekend! shamrock it the tone a-list three year, old Colt breaks through. A nice off improving time. To short for him but the gang amount according to New York. We'll keep him in longer distance, and then we'll go from. Excellent. and. We talked. A call me. Love is going to run coming up with new. York and With. The. CAPPUCCINO AVOCADO I'm excited to. Go from there. And and you also already talked. You mentioned the sister Therapists sister, and of course therapists with With the wind. Two weeks ago and. Talent. Coming up one calls at Kingston. Teams, and then they have a New York pets tanks, which goes six on a tough I think will depend. so I, don't know, speak drive either, but it's my gut feeling too. For the six hundred weighs more than the. Agrees with with a clam. Excellent well Christoph It feels like it's going to be a terrific summer and coming up as soon as this weekend, and we got two more weeks and thing, everything will shift up to Saratoga You got you have a beachhead established. You've got some of the horses up here already. Yes I am actually in right now and. All the air. It look good. I'm excited and you know back to Bandmann tool. That's my my weekly within. Every Monday morning or Sunday nights ago? Come back on Wednesday afternoon, two women. Excellent Excellent Wow Chris Congratulations again decorated invader. We'll, we'll see. We'll see over there. We'll see Saratoga soon enough. BEKKER's..

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