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Are using a new system because andrews now twenty seven hundred miles away right. World moves fast. And if you don't pay attention you might get run over first. Bueller ferris bueller wax something like that. I feel are wax off my favorite welcome everybody to episode. I believe we missed an episode last week. We did the chicken little wild. I could tell you. I tell you what was what was wrong with me. You really want to beat me up by far less now. Yeah perfect great Yeah and it just might level so i can hear you bet. Oh yeah there we go. We're good okay. Megan harumi can hear you for back. Hammer the little. We're no longer tender feet. We ever done my remote session last time. We did a remote session. i think i was in phoenix absolute. No i was in san diego. Yeah it's been a bit a minute. Okay okay. All right andrew okay. All right well. I wanted to celebrate because i we're unin phoenix again. So it'd be like. Oh wow we've come. We've come full circle. But we injures in tempe arizona. I am. I can see phoenix from here by my window. I can see it getting real kind of mountain. It's kind of a little Like a metaphor for life. I guess it's the of of doing this. Show rising creek phoenix from the ashes. Nam saying so. What did i miss. Tell me tell me all about albany and my absence. Oh well god you know. We had tickertape parade socks now. No you haven't missed goddamn thing Yelling woman nineties yup perfect total to shut up against me to shush. Tha that i just means very mainly i appeal to the more venal side of me and i just said sh shoe so her yelling about wrestlers on the street day i saw. Okay yeah that's something that people lonnie profile never got his. Do meyer seriously sharp. Oh more little dropper haw she sounds like she's like his offer so bad what i don't like about this system is that it doesn't show your your levels but I could see my level icon. But i don't know like i don't know i just see a meter with colors. I don't know what that means. I need to see the meter. That has like seventy different. Fucking like Roads for different ways. You can read the data. So i don't know it looks like i'm okay beside now my my i'm lower than you. Of course it's uploading our stuff in real time which is our right. well look it says. It's our our new sponsor Riverside riverside until it crashes right in the middle until it precisely. Yeah escape we go back when we listen to the zen caster episodes we did. I'm sure the first one. Wow this is amazing right. It's sue what's going to happen. You can hear the street. I mean this does have noise cancelling technology but you can still hear the street scenes in the background. I can kind. I like here in the street though feels like we're we're in the street. Feel i feel like glenn fry belong to the city. Yeah glen fry. I belong to the city. Remember that song somebody. Somebody uploaded a bunch of footage of kensington philadelphia from From a car that it's like it's so dire. It looks like something out of the omega man. It's really rough. That and then people swimming in the like the when the philadelphia flooded for half an hour there and everybody took. Hey you know what that place needs a bath so serious. I go listen. I know a lot of people in new york. You know like. I lived there for many years and a lot of people there. I don't give a fuck about any of your fucking problems. I'm sorry i left new york five years. After it was turning to shit hole. I was late to leaving. You guys still there. I don't know what the fuck do for you. sorry wolf. People are a little Sad that their home New york got all fucked up again but again the years this happens and again and again yes. I don't know what to tell them. Honestly it's a little scary like move someplace where when it floods. It doesn't cause an army of rats to rise up from the caverns underneath your city. Did try that try it. Honestly i don't think people would care at this plant. It's very nervous about everything. People people are paying twenty eight hundred dollars a month to live in a place that floods every three years that you have to like dodge crack zombies walking down the street just so when broad city comes on when they're at home than we look going nowhere that is that's it the twenty one hundred dollars a month for that honestly living like the sex and the city like gossip girl life off a you know i used to go to Patisserie right around the corner from their doggone gas hall oh or the bar of the turtle tank barbour turtle tank. of course. that was fun. Cain flooded probably gone. I mean good for the turtles terribly. The turtles like yes. Yes we win. Yes we we like. We went through years of having patrons tap on our glass. Which i guess i am fibia. Nhs and fish don't like i guess not. Maybe they dig it though on. Maybe like turtles like it. I think all creatures great and small crave attention like james. Harriet wants wrote grow all creatures. Great and small. I think they are that book by james. Hurry up don't Most brought up on some weird books as a kid all right. I'll go with this theory. Though i like it. I think all animals except bugs and fish who fucking. I could run over a fucking a parade bugs and i wouldn't care i'd floor actually go slower or fucking. Se get more of them. Yeah with crinkle and crunch more I hate bugs a lot Bugs a lot. Hi i'm bugs lot I would. I would really I stand by that theory that all creatures great and small Like attention and i think that especially girls. yeah thanks. We warm-blooded american women with big boobs insured all boobs great and small by written by james. Herriot yeah that one. I remember that. That's oh remember that book mom you used to have me read over and over again and then we want to try and convince your mother this she read you softcore porn as a kid and just to see if like if you say it enough time she'll start to believe it. My mom is. I love my mama la and she's very very laid back canadian gal and i don't think she doesn't. She likes jokes and she has a great sense of humor but when she's like she knows that she didn't do something she's just like. That never happened. Wow damn she's very like. Why are we still talking about this. This happened which is where. I get my that my shit like that from. Why are we still talking about this. The now talking about things twice. He thinks twice. You fucking hey talking about things. My god it is like it's like driving hours and then waking up and driving the same ten hours the reiteration what what are we on trial here. What are you reflecting a prosecutor. What is his opening statements. Shut the fuck up god. Dan people need to learn how to act. Wanted to learn how to brush their teeth. People really need to learn how to just keep their feelings to them their damn selves haven't brushed my teeth today. He's reminded me andrew. Yeah gene you look.

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