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Hack and whack on it. Hlynur is able to capture the pocket hold on face off will be in the Vegas sewn to his right. Well, you should kind of know the tendencies of Vegas on the penalty kill and they're very aggressive that Hae forward will come down. And really block off the options on the half board. So you've got to move that park quickly from one side to the other and then attack Kubelik get another look at his shot kind of fluttered away from him. He's got three power play goals out of the Black Ox five so far in this point post season. Yeah, it looked like a knuckle ball that he's shot there. It's that thing cleanly. It's probably to nothing. Here's the lander along the right wing boards. Vegas owned a bold quest of the line back to the lander to the top of the left circle of Rincon, whose snaps a shot this deflects off of a Vegas player and tumbles to center. Ice hawks will reset To break into the park next to the center, a circle since Strom into the Vegas zone High slot. He got away. A wrist shot was blocked and the puck is spun all the way down by nature. Schmidt There now, Hawkes. Re emerging out of there. End quest, passing it over the Vegas line down the left wing side. Sharp angle shot turned out of there by Lennar. Strom got it back right point down to the lander right wing corner. Back to strong beside the right length circle. Chipped the puck down behind the Vegas net trying. Go on, get it, But Schmidt beats into it. Backhands it up the boards to center ice. The Golden Knights Cup full strength. Here in front of the hockey net. Look out, Cousins redirects the puck over to Mark Stone, who couldn't fire it in on goal was turned White stone Gotta back left circle fires. Murphy hit one need to block that up off the glass. Theodore fires from the right point that was blocked by Murphy as well. And inside, squeezes his body to the board to knock the puck to center ice. Golden Knights get it back and come into the Hawk's own led by cousins. But this play is offside. It's one nothing hawks with a little over nine minutes left in period number one. Back after this break. This's Blackhawks playoff hockey on 7 20 W GM. Aren't you Glad the game's her back. This is John Williams joined me weekdays at nine. I like.

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