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How has he been and I know Devin Lloyd, your other early pick has a slight hamstring injury, but before that, how have those two young rookies look so far in training camp? Yeah, I didn't like the Trayvon walker pick. I loved the Devon Lloyd pick, but I quickly came around on the Trayvon walker pick. Once I saw him, because he's just different. He's just an unbelievable athlete. I've covered the Jaguar since 2013. They've had a top 5 pick in almost every one of those years. And other than Trayvon walker, there's only been one other player they've ever drafted since I've been on the beat that the first time I saw him, I said, that guy is just different. And it was Jalen Ramsey. Different position, but Trayvon walker, the first time I saw him, I'd never seen anything like it. I mean, his frame has linked his speed. His size is just extraordinary for an outside linebacker. And it has shown up. He has done really well how to sack against the Raiders and the Hall of Fame game and had another really strong rush in which he was called for roughing the quarterback because his hands got a little high, but the rush was good. And then this past game against Cleveland made a nice tackle on third down to force a punt, drew a holding penalty. So he has been very disruptive. You know, who knows if he'll be able to finish plays. Is a rookie we've seen a lead players need a year to really get the sack total going. But he looks like he is going to be at least disruptive right out of the gate. So he really looks good. Devin Lloyd, like you said, we haven't gotten a chance to see he was great in OTAs, but obviously that's no contact. I anticipate that he's going to return to full contact, if not. Later this week, then certainly by next week.

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