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But these are painless and they're easily confused with any number of small skin ailments that may pop up in even a healthy person's life. You know, the stuff like an ingrown hairs or or or various other bumps than it'd be caused by by any number of other ailments. Again, it's the great imitator right now if you do not get treated at this point, well, then it gets into secondary syphilis in during this stage. That's when you see those skin rashes towers in your mouth. And so that's the primary stage in the key to note here that the Schenker disappears advantages. So if you were concerned about it, if you really want to what this painless ugly spot on my genitals as well, then it goes away. And that's one of the dangers that we see over and over again with syphilis is that the infection seems to go away. The illness may seem to go away, but as we're about to learn, it does not again, imagine yourself in, you know, the. Fifteenth century. If you have this and then disappears, you think, oh, everything is fine. I got was upset over over nothing. Maybe you didn't even notice it's, it's entirely likely that one wouldn't even notice that the Schenker had popped up now most likely you wouldn't have been treated at that point in time because it wasn't anything necessarily to treat you with that was really effective. So it would then develop into a secondary stage called secondary's syphilis in which you would have skin rashes and or source in your mouth, vagina and anus also called mucous membrane lesions. Yeah. And you may also see other varying symptoms such as fever, lethargy, headaches, general body aches, hair loss. And this is the point in the invasion in which the enemy, the enemy made it in the primary stage and in secondary syphilis. The enemy has spread throughout the castle. All right in and is making itself known throughout the invaded city. That is the human body right in you are a highly contagious. At this point. In fact, general little sores caused by syphilis, make it a lot easier to transmit in acquire things like HIV infection. Right? So it can get a secondary infection at this point. In fact, there is an estimated two to five fold increased risk of acquiring HIV. If you're exposed to infection, went civiles is present in these first and second stages. Now, at this point after secondary syphilis in here, again, we see that the secondary syphilis this outbreak period. This goes away as well, which again could lead someone to say, well, that was horrible. And maybe then may not even realize that it was connected to the primaries outbreak and they they might, but they can easily imagine, well, I'm done with this now. It's it's, it's it's done. It's finished. Whatever illness was affecting me. The pox has left me, right. Yeah, but little do they know that this is just the latent stage of this and it's just waiting around. It might not even reveal itself for decades. Yeah. So imagine the enemy has invaded the castle. They've made a lot of mischief. And then suddenly they seem to be gone, but they're not gone there in the base in there in the basement there in there in every house in the city there, they've literally becoming part of the city. They're essentially a sleeper cell. In that is what syphilis is Teri -ciary syphilis. The stage really is quite gruesome because it kind of takes everything in the body down to the studs or more. So I should say it's, like you say, this leaper cells in the basements, they become stronger and they come roaring back into the body and they cause a lot of havoc. Yeah, it's, I mean, we see this over and over again with with syphilis, but it has such metaphorical power who's one of the reasons that I, I think we're aside from its, it's power to harm and disfigures. The reason we're drawn to it so is be do see this idea of of the the infection flared up. Then it flared up again. And then it comes back in only fifteen to thirty percent of the cases a much stronger form in the tertiary stage at far more debilitating far more destructive and ultimately lethal stage of the illness. Yeah. In this late stage, you could have symptoms that include..

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