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Sergio Salazar Salomon Saccharine Trust the traveler enjoy as the house band add blackthorn hall called the broken heart bandies who are deeply torn over whether to change their name Orlean into it. Kayla Mel Ryan Jack L. and flawless Wail Shrimp farmers in elder mourn who exclusively farmed shrimp for the Barron Scampi Temporal Sam L. Nicholas e recent s Samuel B and Mike h the owners of L. Damore most respected in ground pool digging service they used to be grave diggers. The deceased started coming to life and needed to be kept in tombs. So they pivoted and invented the pool. Matthew e cold and be Adamjee Matteo see and Eric be a group of best friends who is at Blackthorn Hall when the spirit compelled to everyone to fight they're all super confused and barring with each other trying to figure out what in the heck happened Panama. James. Adrian. The half laying barred Johnny Gen anime and Dan a family of pool result KAZ. They haunt and above ground pool just outside of Thorn Kirk singing songs to Laura innocent people into their poorly Ph balanced pool Nikki w grace g drew nasty see Lulu and j the committee reelect the baron since it's illegal to run against the barren. It's kind of just a way to put public funds into parties in call it campaigning Barnes and Aitor Douglas. A Michelle Luke H eight R H and Ritter in Book Vars Best Books who meet up weekly for a book club. These books talk about whatever book they're reading that week. But book for dirty secret is he always watches the movie version of the book. Timmy are Lucas be Aaron ask Kevin M Austin see the friendly ghosts of elder morning these spirits. Are. So, hospitable they make Casper look like his no good shit uncles, hog fishes above average Hog New York Steven, C K J and Michael Meyer Blackthorn. Hall gamblers that made an insane prop bet that Henry would win two out of three matches before being disqualified via guidance can trip there'll be rich as long as they survived the bar brawl rule and Mike. Massey Nick L. and Karen T members of the powerful Bonk Genna crime family. They're still hunting down there missing member SIB who is wanted for wasting cigars Ecuador six, six, six Paul of House croome. Happy Birthday just in Raccoon Nick. W Michael C and Robert. F Barter fighters became best friends after fierce command spell for five minutes. Then they went back to beating the shit out of each other as am spar Magnus Nathan Casimir the knowing big. Bad Beard of the Mat and Eric de the last people to have swum in the barons pool they all eat so much SCAMPI and cramped up so bad that the vowed never to swim again burly axel a Nero Claudius Caesar. Augustus Germanic as Christian a NJ dragon born distinguished members of the Bowman family whose family tradition is to bury every deceased relative with a short bell, a sword and a quiver with arrows just in case Jonathan Oh. The Sandra and a fell Donnez and Dave H Book Vars Book Club they don't read their books who hang out and do drugs together. Catherine asked Defense Christian s Keith K Brittany B. and kyle h the chef soup cooked the Baron shrimp. SCAMPI usually, they enjoy the leftovers since the baron doesn't eat the best part of the shrimp but they were sadly left in the lurch this time Emilio de Frankie Koala Big Bad John Astin s Blair. The Bug Blair barbarian and pork chop patrons of the bar who got hit with darts during the bar brawl from dark guy each of them hung onto their darts to exact revenge they're currently waiting outside for dark guide Aleve Chenille 'em Christian P. Depressed Demon Hunter Alice Monette F and Pat L. Skeletons from the crypt who only looked like they were running after our heroes in reality they like to jog in their trading for a charity five K. Lauren H Matthew. Al. Ginny Mattie why the eldest Berry and Ryan s other books who have attempted to make their own cheese each with less success than last though Ryan s was able to create some passable monster the bone duster. Nathan J. Joshua H robot. Crisp. and. Big Bad Mac Henry's makeover team. They took one look at him and realize that a boyishly handsome young man is hiding under Henry's ruggedly handsome face and they can't wait to unearth it. Brantly C. D. Rby A Car Leeann Clark of Thunder Fox Jorges. As dental hygienists who polisher lower teeth it takes a village, but it's worth it when you catch the moonlight glinting off fierce crisp under bite poopie PP poopie connor savage be chef, Russell H Christopher J O and Logan s a group of hairstylists that circle they one look at the at his accidental multicolored highlights and decided there was nothing they could do his hair was already as cool as it could ever be, and that's all for this week. Thank you all so much for listening. Thank you to all of our listeners, Oliver paycheck subscribers, and of course, all of our Benevolent Council of elders you can head over debate dot com slash pod to listen to our after show the short rest until then we'll see all next time. PODCAST..

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