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Probably a year lecture I'm very impressed, took you any three months might take a year other than very close friends, but but you do get that perspective in the end, and you do kind of move on and try something else, so polly now I want to ask you because you're such a fascinating woman. And I don't know whether you can cost your mind back, but can you talk to me about basically your career since you left school? And how you've ended up where you are now because I'm guessing that at sixteen or eighteen or whatever you wear when you finish school, you didn't think Oh, I think I'll go for Brandon Brandon leadership person about vulnerability and shame. I totally didn't think that and. I think the benefit. Of Hindsight and the looking backwards. Is that you realize all along the way that things are really connected, and you don't recognize at the time that connected and I think particularly when you're young and. Yeah you full of all that sort of. The remnants of Nazi sticks have ego of Youth Euro just about the moment, and it's the only one thing so. A lot of my. A lot of my career was made just going down rabbit holes, but I had a lot of shame about that because I felt like I should have known what I wanted to do and They had a really really strong belief I should have known what I wanted to do. And what else knew what they wanted to do Ange? Are you talking about? As. You left school. Though because I'm really surprised I mean I knew my. Pain my whole life touted it was like. I think I'd read too many books where everyone was like dance through. Something where they were just going to be that thing and I was like Oh. Everyone else knows. I felt like I was not in on giant cosmic sacred, so the doing things wasn't so much about may recognizing I'm just an experiential. Curious creature was more like I was frantic frantic I was trying to find who I was so. I did this ends amount of stuff. And it was that sense of that identity of who I was feeling secure and feeling grounded and settled was gonna come from me a seeming identity of a job. Now I've been talking to Joseph. Bain frantically leafing through my book because now to break because he person a couple of two or more I don't know how many but one read the dogs of India and you've got the.

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