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Does through the middle of downtown this this reminds me of like that the movie road trip you know where they're like on the road trip and he he says i can member he says he says aust easa's boston but he thinks he says austin remember that's like the whole movie is like oh my god all and boston but i've never actually seen road trip oh you have in but you know like the gleneagle when it's about you as a big deal was like oh it's austin casino frontier atas rate like no it's hungry movie install vow asta here anyways that's all i can think of when i think of twin cities it should only be cities that have rhyming names not and understand the other criteria for twincity creates a rhyming names yeah they're like economies depend on each other it's like in the atlas ain't paulo the same they like they rely on each other there basically the same mechanism on metro area an overly and they blend together i dunno let's let's start the show you want it now pain i am convinced fame it okay lindsay what is the most markel lewis headline of the week well let me tell you the most of his handling of the week comes from i think business people dot com people dot gov lives if i there i konica royals section it adds its people rock a lot of people royals love people royals and he had line is meghan markel is the namesake for the newest addition to the london zoo.

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