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But yeah they they will married in it wasn't in london it was in town called westminster note is tackled windsor west mrs london 'cause i have windsor yeah i've been to windsor castle and it's beautiful i've only been to legoland which is in windsor it is how i see this is what i don't understand so i have seen between you and jeremy and and your friend whom now claiming his mind matthew i've seen so many beautiful pictures of of that entire island at one point i think it was jeremy was in wales and i said oh my god the uk or no i said england is is not real and he corrected me and said well i'm not in england wales but be that as it may that will island it's not real it's not real life it can't be your castles in the middle of like modern cities you have i don't know railway like that that's why i don't necessarily go to place like winds up because yes it's a causal but like i have lived near a costco for my entire life that's tower london right so like just the idea of a cost was i mean windsor is a place it's like it's one of those places where in my mind i'm like oh go there one day right like everybody has these places in that town where it's like oh you know i will go there some point and i haven't been yet so it's like you know i'm sure that many towns of friends that i go to you end up going to places that you would never go to on your own wins one of those but yeah they got married in windsor in chapel that and of season they did the whole thing windsor castle and it was incredible i cried i was crying so much jesse yeah it was really bad because it was like a mix of things like.

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