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They must be able to deliver it every American in the country. Even even the Federal Express ups Amazon. Those a lot of them are using postal service for that last mile because they don't want to service those those areas so. If without the government infrastructure. The. It'd be possible. One I think what's what's really important for people understand is you'll let's look at things based on proven models? As I mentioned earlier. South Korea South Korea's number one because of its government. It's not number one because it had like the more Innovative Korea Telecom entity. It's because there's been an active government effort to make sure that infrastructure got to where it is today, and to the extent that's we think there's a proven model that. The government's absence results in universal competitive affordable networks. That doesn't exist planet earth I. I have no country. I have no krige point of it that it has proven. That's true but did you have dozens of countries that prove the opposite is true. which is you know South Korea I think top of the list. All right so as we're wrapping up here. Tell us what what kind of things that we've talked about. What's going on right now? In California U Utah and other places where like get your crystal ball out? What do you see happening in the next three to five years in this space? What are the what are the possible ways this could go? What's what's what's coming up on horizon? So you know the elections, a big deal in in terms of like how policy gets made, but I think there's a growing recognition regardless of which political parties running the process because you look at what the Federal Communications Commission doing now with the rules of Velma Opportunity. Fund so this is like the the current existing money. That's out there. It's about twenty billion dollars. That's a big deal. It's not enough, but it's a big deal in the sense of IT Makes Progress A. A pretty substantial amount of progress in a lot of places, and it's in one of the key decisions of the FCC aid. Which I was, I was worried. They weren't GonNa make, but they did a lot of the wireless companies. Were you know I think probably driven by eighteen primarily who are saying you should allow wireless to count for your high-capacity networks in in the market, trying to play and the AFC said no, it has to be fixed wire. You'll fixed. wireline services which.

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