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That said our S which has Redstone shell devices foldable 's so that immediately set off like people going crazy going, okay? This is Andromeda. They're going to do in drama the drama was Microsoft's supposed- phone sized dual screen machine that I reported last year was cancelled or at least put on indefinite hold. So I will tell you. I am pretty sure drama is still not coming to market. I know there are some people who have heard that it is. But I still hear it is not. And the reason it is not is Microsoft doesn't wanna make a phone if Microsoft wanted to make a phone they wouldn't be telling people to go by IOS and Android phones for. Yep. So what I do think this foldable thing. References is Microsoft is going to do some work on windows to make it work on foldable PC's and devices their OEM's of Microsoft who have already announced they have these coming, right? And some of them are dual screens some of them are other kinds of foldable devices. So I think they have to do the work on windows to support these OEM devices the question everybody has is will it also support anything from Microsoft that the surface team is building? I think it could support the Cinco named centaurus that we've talked about before. Which in a we say, it's a successor to the drama. What it really is is a really small too will screen. Laptop. That's what's some tauruses. I so I think Microsoft is still toying with the idea of brain this out. I don't know if they'll bring it out this year. I don't even know if it will eventually make it to market, but I think there's a chance, and if the if it does it'll obviously take advantage of the work that it's doing with dual screen slash foldable windows. So that's what's going on. Like, not like, I see so many people going. It's Andromeda I knew it. And that's what they're going to announce it mobile world congress. I'm like guys. No. People on Twitter today saying oh, here comes Andromeda at mobile congress. Anything like this that they come out of the woodwork? Yeah. I I heard that the well the world congress thing Microsoft is doing his Holland me. Tim. Brain. So today, we get invitations to mobile world, congress and the speakers from Microsoft who were speaking. There are Alex kitman who's the father of hololens? Julia white who's the corporate vice president of Ayrshire and such an Adila. Okay. So what is this thing? It's got to be the hololens, right? Yep. Yep. Has nothing to do with service. Now, he does not. So I'm actually I'm actually going to go to this event is I I. Malik cabs and everything does. Did you follow love Alex many percents day yet? Yep. Yeah. All of his albums. It was let's say if it was if it was four years ago this month we were up in red bend, and they announced Holland's if I'm not mistaken, and I eighty I'm getting my years. Yeah. Because windows ten shipped in July two thousand fifteen so that event would have been roughly six or seven months before that happened. That's where they doused hall ends..

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