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Block a boneless skinless fillets and they can take that put hotel pans and done that and socket out cook it taco seasoning bacon notice tacos tacos just half that yeah for example I think that's the most important part what you both just said was how you fall that fish right is just yet you can't be putting it under running water and forcing following it because it's just it's just terrible for the fish and south south and there is another fun Pollock product on the market that I'm starting to see these politburo's they're pretty neat they're a whole protein noodle it looks just like a cooked off you don't need all that you would use in a delicious soup real easy but it's just pure protein I think it's it's awesome the only problem I have doesn't taste like fish well that's the price you know which is good for some people I guess when I'm a fishy fish person admits and for tricking kids into eating the protein yeah it's a little closer to like you know and it's got a nice little jelly to the middle and good I like that I like that product well thank you both for coming insurance symbolic stories I'm looking forward to spending Pollock week with you all who wouldn't who wouldn't it's from February twenty eighth to March eighth I know we have three restaurants in it just look at our website and there's other restaurants all over town that featuring public for that week you guys are gonna stick around or we're gonna chat a little bit about something a little closer to home kind of fishing right here in the south so you can do that I'm Kyra radio ninety seven three F. M. the world is changing at a rate like never before so why is an education at Strayer university we make transfer credits simple create binge worthy.

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