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Listening to the all new sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'm Rachel ash here with my co host accent her medical director, an internist Dr Alison pie. Ditch today we've been talking about exit seborrheic dermatitis. Now, we want to get into some other really common skin issues with Dr Olsen pilots. We wanna talk about Rosa and adult acne in our last segment. Let's start with rose Asia Rusi shut is when people sort of have redness in their skin like a readiness in their skin usually start to see it when you have the blushing or flushing effect. But it could also expand to, you know, acne like breakouts thickening skin enlarge knows things like that. So it's very very common. It tends to be more common in people with lighter skin. Although I do see it in people with darker skin. Sometimes. Yeah. And I think rose Asia, there's we see commercials for drugs for rose Asia on TV all the it's becoming more popular because Rosetta is so. So common. It's so common. And there's a lot of famous people with rose Asia. Are do you know of any? Well, I I knew Diana Princess of Wales had rose Asia did. And if you remember looking back on pictures of her you see she always had pink cheeks pink nose. Both cheeks were always very pink. That's that's the Rosie show. That's a certain type of resume and who else. I know. There's a whole Bill Clinton our former president he had he's had like a red readiness to his skin. All the time. Cameron Diaz is another common one you'll see her. She does get flares where her skimming, it's really read and bumpy. And you know, she openly talks about it all the time. That's something. She struggles with. Yeah. So if you see I mean, you can see people almost looks like they're over blushing or it's maybe like an appropriate blushes. But really, it's rose Asia. And that's something to you know, there are commercials for pharmaceuticals rose Asia. But there's really a lot more common sense way to solve the problem mentor to be on it. Maturity skin condition. So what we do best at the Ashoka as we fight inflammation. There's different types of rose Asia. Like, we just discussed there's the red flushing type where you start to see kind of like these little spider blood vessels across the face and the nose area that skin can be very sensitive and one of the things about that type of skin or that type of Rosie Shah is that it can be stinging or burning with when you put products on an especially bad products, it can flush more. So those are the people who can get embarrassed and flush really bad or when you exercise your whole face gets bright red or you just have that redness all the time on your skin, and it's really thinning and delicate tribal, and that's what I find the most about it is that without type of residual you tend to each faster because your skin gets. So so thin. Yeah. Other types are you can also get in. So you can get different type. These are different types of Rosie show. But you can have a mix of all of these type. So you can have mainly your skin can be read all the time, right and just really, hyper sensitive, but then you can also get these acne breakouts. Their acne like breakup where you sort of get these inflammatory red bumps all over your skin. It's not quite acne either rose Asia. And it's frustrating because people treat it like acne, and they try to do acne treatment with probably inflamed with more worse. Right. So you really have to make sure you have the right diagnosis, then the other type of Rosie show, which I don't see as often, but tends to happen. A little more in men is when you get that thickening of the skin and you get like a bumpy thick skin. It's usually you're you've had Brazil show for a very long time. When you get to this point and the nose actually gets really large and bumpy and bulbous almost like it looks like there's growth coming off of it. And that's called rhino Phinma with that one too though that I see in rose Atias that people can. Get more oily skin and much more pores. So a lot of people come in there. Like, I just have so many black heads at my skin, and I look at them and I assess their skin, and it's Rosie Shaw. So really those sort of three sub types of facial redness would get them all with the facial redness flushing visible blood vessels, and then the acne breakouts. And then the third would be the thickening skin. So what type of worsening oil? Right. So what type of you know, work? Do you do with people who come in with rose Asia? So rose Asia because it's another inflammatory skin disorder. We really have to work people up for why do they have so much inflammation in their skin? It's also like not an autoimmune disorder, but is it an autoimmune disorder like all these other inflammatory conditions. We don't quite know. What causes it? We know. It's usually genetic. I people are like, oh, yeah. My mom's face is always right or. Oh, yeah. My grandmother always had that. But basically, I'm going to do a major inflammatory workup for you definitely a gut work up as well. Because any toxins you're taking into the body. We want to know what's triggering it. What's triggering your forgetting to the root cause? Absolutely. We will do because some people get hovers Atia that worsens with when they have milk. Right. So I had a patient who had really bad relation. I told her. She was allergic to milk the rose Asia just went away. We did other things, of course with her. But that seemed to be her major trigger and so much so much of this is commonsense medicine to where you know, if you don't have to be on the medication for Rosaiah ship. It means cutting out, you know, food that's causing the inflammation. Let's cut it as team. It does come who say. Compensated medicine. So it's like alka lanes I anti inflammatory diet. But personalize it for your body big things, I do are antioxidant IV treatments for this their skin IV treatments that I personally used for people. We do the high dose vitamin c cream because bite Amin's such a potent antioxidant rose Asia response so well to it and another thing I recommend to his rose hip boil because it's a vitamin c based oil too. So it doesn't matter what type of rose as you. Have you have to do anti inflammatory with it? Yeah. And you know, just for the listeners that that alkaline diet, which Dr Al mentioned is an anti inflammatory diet. You know, just really taking all the anything that causes inflammation in your body. She'll give you a very specific workup. So we can figure out even if they're healthy foods, if you're reacting to them will know what to remove and we could only figure that out with the proper testing. And with that information to she's also able to do very specific vitamin C ivy's, adding nutrients and minerals that you need specifically. So it's cost them is IV. It really gets you. Better so much faster. And one of the things that you made for me, though, I love it is a custom vitamin C face cream wasn't for rose Asia. But I wanted it, and I love it. I swear by it. Ejei, and it works the nice side effects. It was a nice. Absolutely. And then another thing I do for Rosie Shapiro for acne, which I'll talk about in just a second are the stem cell treatments. They respond incredibly well to them these these both of these skin disorders because the stem cell treatments help it's there for anti-aging, but you know, boosting your collagen and boosting those new cells in your body, obviously helps inflammation dramatic, and that's wonderful treatment you do too. So we don't run out of time. Let's go onto adult acne, which is something that affects a ton of people thirties. Forties. And even Fityani's fact women more than men, although men can get it moving come in. So frustrated they're like I had perfect skin for forty years. And why why are acne all over my face? It tends to be a little more hormonal as women get older, there's some type of hormone change that has occurred. But there's other things to stress that can be a trigger for it. We know stress causes increases Andrew Jans in the body, which is hormones can worsen female. Acne undiagnosed disorders is a huge one that I have undiagnosed IRO disorders. My had women come in with bad acne and found that their hypothyroid. And then we fixed their thyroid in their skin. Just naturally fixes itself, poly cystic ovarian disease that's gone undiagnosed adrenal disorders that have gone undiagnosed. So those are really simple things that fix a huge frustrating disorder. Other things are like women come in. And they tell me what products they're using. And they're like using total. The totally wrong products for their face and for their skin acne is like you. Can you look at acne as someone who has oily skin or someone can have dry skin in both people can have acne or you can have combination skin? Right where you're sheiks are really dry, and there's acne, but your your t's own like your nose and forehead or really oily, and you can have acting in those areas too, and it's actually different treatments for those areas for the oil e skin people who have a little more oily skin or and their skin tends to feel like the get blocked pores from certain things you wanna use more like dry. Feels like Joba or rose hip oil, argon, aloe. Oil what you don't want. Use us like coconut oil almond oil algae, those are actually very commuted genyk and will worsen your acne. So there's a really famous French brand out there that is based in algae. And I have p women wanna use it because it's really expensive. So it must be good. I know what you're talking about. I'm sure you all know exactly what it is like the sea of some sort of he products in it, and it has algae's its main product and women think well, it's good because of the expensive, but it's the cause of their acne. Right. So it actually causes rocky. But there are some women who do really well on it. If you have dry skin than you do want use like the coconut oils olive oils germ algae's things like that that really help for dry skin to prevent the dry skin from acne. Another thing. I get asked all the time is should I XE foliage or not exfoliating? My skin is a good or bad. It's a lot of mixed reviews out there explanation is one hundred percent necessary for acne. It's just depends on what type your skin needs. Some people do well with a clear sonic or an actual physical exposure like a greedy, sandy exfoliating and McClair sonic is just a Little Rock brush like a rash that toothbrush for your face. Exactly..

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