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Actually any good. Love is blind is sort of the perfect blended smoothie of so many other reality shows and this experiment has been conducted before we've seen people date in the dark. We've actually seen true documentaries about how blind date people who actually cannot see We've seen shows where people get married at first sight. So you know it really mix all that together and desa very well. It's interesting how love is blind goes through the whole journey incorporating shows at once it has a show where people meet but dense each other Propose to each other without having seen each other than they actually see each other and that's again they go on their honeymoon right away. I think on a honeymoon. Why not and then they go live together. It's so much and they go home and they to see one another's apartments and houses and oh by the way I'm deeply in debt so I don't even really have anywhere to live. There were two moments in this show where I was like. Oh the candor in this discussion it feels just as candid as like real life. Discussions between partners talking about how to navigate having one black partner in one white partner meeting. The parents got felt so real conversation. That you alluded to earlier where one woman says to her fiance. Just so you know. I'm broke yeah credits crap. And I don't like to work. That felt so real right. It's very rare to see a discussion about money in a reality show. I say bring it on. I WANNA go big picture even further though a thing that I've noticed with love is blind the circle the mass singer It seems like we're in a moment where a lot of these reality shows that are succeeding. Have a premise. In which the big point is what you can't see me at first. What is up with us being really into watching shows about anonymity and performance while I do kind of have a grand universal theory about this if you want to hear it I of course think obfuscation. Masking pretending this is our whole world now and you can play it out in politics. You can play it out. In celebrityhood US certainly played out in social media with influencers. Everybody is presenting a disguise We have people in leadership positions who have very thin resumes who have been promoted beyond their abilities and are sort of wearing a mask Mitt. Romney confessed recently to having like a fake twitter account to troll people. Remember that what I about. The mass singer is that it's a very fun and friendly way to work out. What I think are some real anxieties about who's under there and they go through a lot of craziness on that show with a panel tries to guess it's all sort of celebrities who all kind of know each other and you can recognize each other but neither can the rest of us and there's just something. I think the astonishing quality of that. Reveal that you thought it was celebrity a we were all certain it was. Oh my gosh. It turns out to be celebrity. Be At the same time. I was dealing with watchmen. Which was all about masks? And this is the. Hbo Drama With the starring keen based on the graphic novel right about cops and domestic terrorists. All sort of using masks in different ways. Vigilantism there again. I see masking in a lot of things. What does the success of a show like love is blind and a show like the circle even on a platform like net flicks say about Netflix? And what they want and what they might be giving us more of going forward you know. Tv critics have for a long time. Struggled with what is Netflix. And what does Netflix want to be? And what does Netflix see as its identity Because that's how we dealt with networks for so long we know what an HBO show looks like. We know what an NBC show looks like versus a CBS show and Neth looks just sorta throws all the spaghetti against the wall. A net flicks is trying to replace television and the box office all at once so I was lucky enough to talk briefly with one of the contestants from love is blind earlier this Mark who like we like? Oh poor market. So he's a good soul. Yeah and I'm going to ask you the same question. I asked him after experiencing this show in his case. Living The show. You Angst over do you. In fact think love is blind. Well I definitely believe in the power of attraction and using all your senses using all your saleable senses however it truly is about the person so in that sense love is blind because I know from personal happy experience that we wind up with people that we never would have dreamed of. That's true I will say for me. Love needs to have her eyes checked every year. Thank you Hank Stewart. Oh my pleasure. Thanks again to mark Cuevas contestant on love is blind and hanks do TV critic for the Washington Post. If you're enjoying this conversation about this amazingly addictive show check out. Pop Culture. Happy Hour as well. I'm on that show. Talking about. Love is blind there all right back in the studio with my two panelists. Reema craze host of the marketplace podcast. This is uncomfortable a show all about money to motionless side and Mary also Garrett report for marketplace covering consumer psychology in retail. You've watched the show remember. No that only watching it because of you yes I feel so good about tweeting about it. I've made my whole team here on the show and so it was like I literally tweeted. I was GonNa Watch. Love is blind and that was like in reply to you love it. I love it. I live all the episodes and like days Gel. Ever go on a show like that man. No I'm like let me think. Would you one short? My favorite moment of all of it is when Jessica Aka mexica accurate feeds her dog wine reality TV cannon and it was just so casualty no pies like oh come on. This is for you. It's great merlot issues in the middle of a conversation. Oh Man I would. I'M GONNA why said show again this week tonight? Literally Plan Yes. I'm just GonNa Watch the I love it all right. It's time for a break when we come back. We're going to play a game not about love but about the news. It's called. Who said that Hobie right back support for NPR and the following message? Come from our sponsor target entrepreneur. Ray Phillips had a great idea and when he partnered with target supplier diversity lead my Alexander. He was able to grow his company with targets out. The idea came as I worked as a program director for Residential Treatment Facility for children There was a nine year old boy who refuse to be because he couldn't take his favorite stuffed animal with him in the Bath Tub. I grabbed another stuffed animal modified it to hold soap And Lord behold solve the problem. My son we have the hippo. Every time you take them back this was you know his his psychic that he took to the top with them. It made me feel even more comfortable with my recommendation. My support as well as the love that I had for the brand learn more about how target supports diverse entrepreneurs at target dot com slash founders. We love each of us. Is The star in the movie of our life. But how much of a role do we play in other people's movies really sort of palpable? Fear that they were going to reject me or worse the unseen pressures we place on other people this week on hidden brain from NPR. Hey listeners it's Sam If you're in La I haven't announcement for you if you near La. Have an announcement for you. We are having a special live show at NPR west in Culver City next month March We've lined up some public radio royalty for a special live show Friday morning March twenty seven. I'll be talking with. Npr's David Greene. I'll be talking with. 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