Sirtzi Lancaster, Dohrn, Sirsi Lancaster discussed on Outkick the Culture - Episode 006 - Wet Hot Suits Wearing Intergalactic Winter Coats


With the woman from dohrn in her favourite daughter chaining them up kissing the daughter with poison lips and making it so that if they had to even force feed the mother they would do it so that she could watch her daughter rot and turn to skull and bones right in front of her in a dungeon where she would never get out of it was the ultimate pay back for the death of her own son meaning sirc's but this was cruel unusual and just absolutely evil on every level we hate surfacing lancaster we are told a hate sirtzi lancaster there is no game of thrones without someone to hate the likes of sirtzi lancaster that somehow keeps you know crawling through the needle while everybody else dis around her because you can't kill volta moored until deathly halla's part to just like you can't kill sirsi lancaster until season 8 of game of thrones in two thousand and nineteen or eighteen rather so you're on great joy them becomes the one you can kill he's the one that dies at the end of this season or maybe he last a little bit longer than they kill him off within the first three or four episodes of next year or maybe he's there until the end and then he dies but my guess is he is there to die at the end of the season probably with a dragon burying them alive just a guess but that's why exists and that's why it's necessary to exist because the penultimate season needs that extra layer that keeps the primary layer protected.

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