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Anything anybody has to say about this show. There's real sisterhood of support at this table. I yes. Yes. And we all support each other and first and foremost, the support I have love from this show in particular. Thank you all for real. Oh my God. Please. Yeah. I'm with this guy. She said for real just blasted sincerity. Yeah. In particular. Thank you all for real for real. Yeah. That's that's face. Really means is crazy for real. And by the way, I I didn't get a I was on vacation. I try to shut down when I'm out of town. I like to follow news and make myself. I'll crazy I haven't really been following the Donald Trump John McCain thing is closely as maybe bellio is or something. But I think you you gotta be comfortable with if your dad's in the public eye. What people think about him? I think you know, every time that somebody blasts away at your dad like John McCain who is a public figure. I think you've gotta take that. Because that's part of the game. You know, you're going to you know, your your dad's a partisan Republican? So half the country hates him half the country loves him. And when the president says is not a big fan of his I don't know why that makes people so crazy I understand that Meghan McCain is going through still through sadness and the loss of her dad. I get that. But man, I think it's still way overblown. I mean, you know, if somebody like, let's say somebody calls or emails the show, right and says, hey, I think the the dentist sketches, the least funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. Right. I with your dad and Harvey Korman and say, okay. That's that guys opinion. I wouldn't I wouldn't write letters and get on the internet Zahle guy that this guy. You know, here's the thing. You don't have a show through which you can express your opinion. The way Meghan McCain. Does appreciate that. Matt. Thanks, buddy. Burundi's from me, man. Would you gotta do you? Gotta get yourself a show. That's right. But I just think it's it's it's really overblown. I think a lot of it is because it's what been seven eight months since he passed away, and he's not here to defend himself. Right. That's what I get that. But it's the whole thing of. So what Donald Trump doesn't like your dad's? So what who cares? So what I mean if you had obviously making had a great relationship with them. And it's being threatened by some guy who doesn't like him at that point, just go. Okay. So you don't like him move on press on who cares? A man it's been, you know, all over the place of how dare you day..

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