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Ten ten wins than from any other radio station in the nation Sarah Miller's our service aid Walter guys is the writer Justin Schrager is the editor I'm Susan Richard the closing bell on wallstreet this is Sandra day Bloomberg no doubt about this the market's wrapping up a tough day the Dow ending down four hundred sixty points nasdaq down a hundred seventy five this is give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good afternoon forty four degrees cloudy skies it's four o'clock I'm Larry Mullen and here's what's happening we'll have more out of mom but this afternoon at the family of a twenty five year old missing woman prepares to give her a proper burial several months after she was killed they believe by her boyfriend who later killed himself will have the latest also today out in California they're trying to figure out what in the world because Kobe Bryant helicopter to go down killing him his daughter and several others including a couple and their daughter air fares will be extended that's the program to help new Yorkers who don't make a whole lot of money and they keep getting hit with empty a fare hike seemingly every other month just in time for the Superbowl actors have gotten into the Twitter account of the two teams playing in the Superbowl and the giants to somebody set out the giants get in there the cyber rats are trying to stop the pass it appears before kick off your Monday right all news begins right now accu weather says cloudy brisk and chilly this afternoon we'll get to a high of forty six degrees and in sports this is John may go reaction continues revolve around the basketball legend that was Kobe Bryant Kofi his daughter seven others losing their lives in Sunday's helicopter crash news time for all one and now from the ram truck traffic center expanded traffic and transit for the afternoon commute good afternoon Greg right good afternoon Mr moments let's start in queens eastbound Long Island expressway loaded up right now the worst of it from really the array of casino Boulevard why don't know past little neck parkway in order to like the real deal why is by far the worst way but it looks like there is a wreck or a stall get now towards like the road making it that much worse Grand Central Park we can you show to get much better read to Q. gardens these down billboards to that from the van which run over to sunrise highway here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels inbound George could go to the upper lower the website address ride getting out of town Lincoln tunnel we get a ten minute ten fifteen on the outbound goal Holland about ten and fifteen to twenty on the go home side garden state parkway south and much better right now coming down towards the area of exit one forty three the earlier issue the earlier break down for that stretch that is out of the way of a cell phone if your drive you reach twenty third street word of an accident traffic is sponsored by subway so was for ninety nine foot long phase now includes the Italian sausage and peppers limited time only.

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