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Are rides. Well welcome everyone to the fights podcast. I'm your host dr colin zoo and thank you so much for being here. You could be anywhere in the world and you decided spend just a few moments with us. I'm on this wonderful episode. And i cannot wait We have a fabulous fabulous section. Here today I am truly privileged and honored to have a chef rich law With us for the second time on the podcast. And i'm going to introduce Share a little bit of a vile so chef. Richard alumna has had a diverse culinary career. He has been a chef instructor Four the world renowned plant based program at the natural gourmet institute in your city for twenty five years and currently teaches at the health support of culinary arts program at the institute of culinary education eric city and his specialty Along with vegetarian and vegan cooking is in the italian and kuzina he's a graduate of ensued Education eric city Where he completed the program thousand three two thousand four and has worked with numerous well known chef in new york city including a chef. Floyd accardo's Dan kluger and ben pollinger at tablet restaurants. And y'all's also works as a private chef and prior instructor manhattan And also the hamptons since nineteen ninety-five in working for very well no notable families and currently. He is he is as a love. Affair with veda and For those who don't know. I've eight as a science of life and health for thirty five years. And he's a practitioner and teacher and currently he is studying to be a vague and Master at the mahachi mahesh yogi and he has led seminars on this topic and he's doing a online master's program and can't wait to dwell a little bit more so without further ado. Please welcome chef rich. How's it going. Thanks thanks thanks. Thanks for the introduction. Let's be here. Oh man thank you so much. I really Really excited to be here with you. I am can't wait for the session. So today we're going to go into your love affair for indian cooking and You had been on my show previously and we really Dwelled deeper into your time in india. You spent time in In an office and for those who've never heard that session or you know haven't really met for the first time you go into a little bit of snippet of how you got you know You know a boy from the east coast all the way over there and how you came to fall in love with indian cooking Will how how. I got to cook it. In india nostrum was through. Mike myers sociation through my connection with. I've been a long-term practitioner of transcendental meditation technique in fact I've been st-. I've been doing that for about fifty years now. This year was my fiftieth year. Anniversary and I was disabled through the context. In from i'm there to to be able to go to india and a cook in an australian You know for for the people who were living there and it was mainly westerners or non indians of people from all over the world but not indians are kind of living is being you know living in in the living there pretty much full time So that's that's that's what got me over there specifically I had already you know developed a love affair with indian cooking already Let that's a whole different story. And i think that story a roll. We'll tell that one I think it's i think it's one thing i could say about. It is is that it is opposites attract opposites attract. I grew up in a classic italian households. My mom was an excellent cook. Good food around us Every typical food that you ate you know growing up in the fifties in the sixties But my mom was an excellent cook and she made great italian food so a new italian food very well and the kind food when you get to learn it. It's very simple in. Its approach due. know they. They don't make things too complicated. They rely heavily on the flavor of the ingredients. And maybe add one or two herbs. Tomatoes with basil and rosemary goes because potatoes and things like that. So it's not a. It's not a complex cuisine delicious. It's not a super complex cuisine. I think it's secret is simplicity. And then i discovered indian cuisine directly opposite. The flavors are of strong very strong. Not afraid to to really hit you hard in the flavors are very deep very complex. Flavors you know a real combinations of flavors and combinations hitting you in the mouse And at the same time very funded very well rounded not not very jagged on its edges. You know when you think about being tastes flavors together. Sometimes it can be a little bit jagged but indian. Food is so rounded so refined It just blew my mind away. Actually that that this cuisine even existed one of the reasons that aim to the cuisine to try it out. It was in my a nineteen. I believe eighteen. Nineteen nineteen hundred Starting college and i had become a vegetarian. And i was a vegetarian for close to twenty five years back in the day. Weren't a lot of choices for vegetarian. Restaurants and indian food was always a good bet. Also the fact that i have been starting. My meditation starting started meditation. And of course. Meditation and yoga come from india. I became you know indian cuisine as well. That was my infatuation with cuisine. Just really amazed at at what i was eating.

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