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And that's your money on seven hundred twenty WGN WGN sports. Spark Carmen the baseball playoffs continuing this afternoon. Cleveland trying to stay alive as they trail. Well, the Houston Astros two games to non Cleveland has not hit at all in the series. They're six for sixty. That's a batting average of one hundred first pitch at twelve thirty in that one. And then it's the Braves and the dodgers L A leading that series two games to one. The winner gets the Milwaukee Brewers who have won eleven straight going back into the regular season as they swept out the Colorado Rockies in the NFL DS host their first championship series since two thousand eleven and then tonight, it's the Red Sox and the Yankees that series tied up at a game apiece. Blackhawks off today they're off until Thursday as the hawks had their whole opener last night and lost a Toronto seven six in overtime now two and one on the season. Patrick Kane at a couple of goals Jonathan taste had a goal as well. The hawks honored STAN Makita before the game of passed away, August, seventh from dementia Makita franchise leader in games, assists, and points, a video tribute his. Wife, Jill Makita on the is and a bunch of Blackhawks dignitaries as well. A very very story tribute to one of the Blackhawks greatest ambassadors and players. Stan mikita. I'm are karma WGN sports WGN traffic. Violeta podrumedic. Thanks Ryan late traffic on this. Columbus day. The edens. Just twenty minutes either way between lake cook road and the junction inbound Kennedy's thirty five minutes O'Hare to downtown half hour back out. The Eisenhower about thirty three minutes either way between Thorndale and the old post office outbound Stevenson, slightly building at forty minutes lakeshore. Drive to three fifty five years lowest traffic there is between Kasi and Cicero. No delays inbound. And then over on the Dan Ryan, it's about eighteen minutes either way between ninety fifth and the circle for personalized traffic on demand. Get the Traffix Chicago app, it's approved by the mortgage experts team hockberg, all you have to do a search T R A F F, I X Chicago. I'm.

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