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About Hannah. Was that she? She trained for this and had in her sights, but she was on us or practice runs. She'd been dropped off by her dad and her brother, who then went off kayaking for the day and left on. To An up and die in this climb, and after about five hours realized that she was on course for the record, so she just decided to keep going, but she done it. She done all their own and that she then go support I think. Her boyfriend arrived and her. Her Dad and brother came back from their days Chiaki and gave her a bit that support in the last few hours, but Phenomenal achievement and. Well just a mind boggling effort. And roses shaking her idol. She's going to ever. World record. Not, shaking my head, the ethics. It's phenomenal, but I don't even like thinking about it makes me feel. Anxious. Hate that I just bought part of all righty. Dang or I just climbing just all the all that link time on the bank, the same the same climb over and over and over and over again for like ten hours. Just I like I. Can't wait to. Hear from how to roads about it in the episode of explore. Of course, we'll be listening to that, but I dunno, it just the traffic there are. Bike riders professional bike riders. You can rest easy roses. Are Record anytime soon. An ORLA and ORLA might struggle in the Netherlands. Of, ago. V series race. Maybe you'll be having to go at the woman's ever sing rack. For me. We're seeing that. She broke the the all time. Record for men or women She not just holds the women's record because a a male writer has gone quicker, but yeah, it's not something. I'm going to be not so. I need to lose more than four kilos. We're. To shift the next four kilos then taking on an. This again back to Burton. Oh, my were told him I. I mean I'd rather go. I'd rather when you were talking about Bernas. Earlier M rose before we heard from addiction. I was thinking cosimo mind Dasa. Jim! Ran I'm thinking the. You know the the version of it was definitely better than that. Well listen, we should wrap things up for this month. We might next month m a bit closer to the racing. He ask us that question. You know the the question that we weren't entirely sure of the answer to. At the start of the episode which was do we feel like we're closer to actual racing starting again. Ask US next month. I've got a sneaking suspicion. We might have a better answer. There is now at least an hour closer than we were. Going very point. Where we are definitely. Close! To death than we were at the Star But anyway. That's all for this month. Thank you rose. Thank you Richard thanks. Targets ORLA..

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