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Is presented by Reilly auto parts will start at the exit of pit road and Winston Kelly well Alex just like yesterday they're gonna be all kind of variations of that strategy was stages of twenty laps twenty laps and fifty laps in Seneca fuel mileage somewhere just north of thirty laps maybe thirty one we've heard some as many as thirty five I think we're gonna see a lot of different things that we're going to see here on pit road which could say if you go straight up come in the end of what stage one and states to that give them fifty laps to the end of the gap to stop at least one in that state I think we're gonna see some guys do what Todd Gordon did a few years ago even before we had stages set themself up to spend as little time as possible at that last pit stop with that wind is going to open up some where about thirty three to thirty five laps before the end of the race we may even see some come in at seventeen and then come in at the end of the twenty at the end of that first stage and do a quick pop off with feel we could say the same thing at the end of State stews I think we're gonna see all different types of strategy then you add to that depending on where you are in points and if you're trying to get state points you're going to do something entirely different than those who have blocked in to the playoffs here at Watkins Glen how bout the midsection stay post words that you talked about the fuel window the good your racing eagles teams have force up here on the ground ready to put on the race car but the tires do not fall off greatly so I think the amount of time that you spent fuel in the car is going to determine the number of tires you take a really good rate Siegel here for good you're covering the entry of pit road it's just enjoy just what you got up there well the biggest thing here at what kids when we talk about pit stops here we talk strategy and everything else when coming on the pit lane it is actually right in the middle of turn number seven so you gotta get yourself a position you gotta get bogged down enough with yet that first yellow line get it down to forty five miles per hour also different style of pit stops instead of pitting to drivers left like we normally do on speedway short tracks another race tracks here we pet drivers right so we'll see work happen on pit road here with the drivers on the left side first and then the right side that is mandated on a four tire stop to go left and in the end that's all for safety for the crews here this afternoon and Watkins Glen international and it all works in that strategy that we've always talked about here at Watkins Glen if you have the right strategy get it done on pit road and get your way to get right victory lane was checking with him soon thanks station well with just five races left until the playoffs start the pressure is on for a number of drivers hoping to make a run for a championship some of the names on the outside looking in currently Jimmy Johnson Daniel swore as Ricky Stenhouse year and currently on the inside but closer to cut off line and they like guys like Kyle Larson playboy and Ryan Newman of those drivers none has ever won a walk ins when so this is a race war strategy comes into play and for the team still looking to lock their spot in the playoff great perhaps it's worth a roll of the dice here this afternoon we'll have all the action and strategy covered on pit road in the garage in at the care center you can also follow us on our social media channels for updates throughout the.

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