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Everybody welcome back to the carolinas georgia pro wrestler report. I'm heat and as promised earlier in the week. I told you this gentleman who had bought who has bought time on this podcast. The payer james is back and we have a lot lot to talk about sir. Oh we do have a lot to talk about you. Know i think. Eight four family done with the fountain of misinformation. What we're talking about that. We should say a waterfowl. This information that comes from you own the double drop kick shows finally. Finally i have returned my money. Of course find this time And i know you'll never never refused my money because we are much. I mean we can just look at you. Even the the way you san people know they give you something. I money and by doing that. I do a service for you. Finally come people actually will listen to this show finally and then i do a public service for the wrestling community because only they can hear the truth and not some of the lies at that. Come out of your mouth on this show. So you're welcome by the way really. You should be paying me. Because i care about the wrestling community and i'm a giver. Believe it or not. People think i'd take stuff. I take Things i'm not a taker. I'm actually give her. And i wanna give back as so that's why do this will the last time you own. You were getting ready. And mr deb. Air drivers getting ready to defend the three count heavyweight championship against also jordan. That was a successful offense. But now you guys are expanding the empire and this saturday night. You are going to debut in georgia at viral pro wrestling with an opportunity at the viral pro wrestling heavyweight championship. But to get to that final match with five men you gotta get through sean legacy. Let me let me tell you. I'm going to be honest with you when i heard this matchup. Honestly everybody stopped. Oh goodness spa to beyond this dream match. This is like you know shown legacy wrestles mainly in georgia. You guys are in the carolinas. Your parents don't cross in. Our pass have not crossed But i know his Because i've keep my eyes..

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