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At the United center with the bulls play for the first time since the death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash Sunday he died along with his thirteen year old daughter G. ana and seven others in the crash including two other middle school aged girls northwestern coach Chris Collins new bride well as father dog in Kobe's father Joe were teammates with the seventy Sixers and he coached Brian on three U. S. national team's Collins rank brides competitiveness with that of another player he knew well you could tell he studied everything Michael did because he wanted that's what he wanted to be an he would wake me up we'd be out in China or any get me out of bed at two o'clock in the morning it may become rebound form for two hours you know and just he was a he was a machine you know we love the game he was really smart no formal word yet on what the bulls will do to honor the NBA great executive VP John Paxson issued a statement saying Bryant's legacy and persona will forever be remembered northwestern fell to Ohio state seventy one fifty nine dropping to one in eight in the big ten loyal I had its four game winning streak snapped in northern Iowa sixty seven sixty two it over time baseball Nick Castellanos a mid season acquisition last year by the cubs has reportedly reached agreement with the team and the cubs division the Cincinnati Reds it's Super Bowl wait the Superbowl teams have arrived in Miami ahead of Sunday's game the chiefs and forty Niners the Blackhawks continued their break they will resume the schedule Saturday night at Arizona well the whole the Blackhawks the northwestern Wildcats white Sox baseball Dave at it WGN sports you know your money on WGN for the latest on Wall Street in agribusiness years orient Samuelson good morning if there's one thing markets do not like it's uncertainty and there's plenty of uncertainty and stock markets and agricultural markets this morning around the world the stock market here in the US opening a one percent lower on concerns about the financial fallout of the virus spreading corner corona virus outbreak in China and right now the Dow is down four hundred and twenty four points the S. and P. five hundred down fifty points and the nasdaq is down one hundred fifty one points volatility index works breaks of the CBO we is up more than three points and as I said the markets in agriculture are impacted as well before we look at that General Motors today said it will invest two point two billion dollars in its Detroit assembly plant to build a variety of electric trucks and SUVs that announcement to be made today and one earnings report the R. fourteen raise the upper end of its full year home sales forecast and top Wall Street estimates for quarterly profit thanks to lower mortgage rates but are attracting buyers and boosting the number one U. S. home builders sales now let's look at the agricultural markets this morning not much better news there the March wheat contract down nine and a quarter sent straight to get five dollars sixty four and a quarter cents a bushel March corn is down eight cents trading in three seventy nine and a quarter March soybeans down ten and three quarters cents trading at eight dollars ninety one and a quarter cents a bushel wives start futures Chicago mercantilist change totally red screen there with the April lean hogs contract down a dollars sixty cents red white and seventy one dollars eighty cents February live cattle down a dollars seventeen at one twenty three sixty seven hundred weight and the January feeder cattle contract the only line that screen it's up twenty by I'd say and straightening of a hundred forty two dollars ten cents a hundred weight that's your money on seven twenty WGN and I'm Steve Christianity on Chicago's very own self and twenty WGN let's say you just bought a house.

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