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But it's actually die in the ring really doesn't happen ever. Now there's repercussions down the road which fans and audience and commentators and analysts pretend doesn't happen. You're watching someone take years off their live and they're definitely going to suffer from this down the road, but we don't care about this down the road. We have to see it believed the hot dog. We wanna see how it's made they're delicious, but we're gonna to go back and look at the ins and outs of and see how it's going to affect us down the room. Right. So same with fighting. So when he says stuff, it's kind of elephant in the room, but the same time, it's. Because it was really gonna die. But my problem is, if big baby Miller wants to say this, if a guy on the come up a youngster say this, that's fine. But for Deontay wilder, the face of heavyweight, boxing, come off on the most epic fight against Tyson, fury and coming off this amazing. Not gonna Brazil doesn't need this. I don't like it because no one him, personally Deontay is not that guy is a great human being on the best personalities. When the best talents in all of sports. So don't do that. That's why I don't like. And he got picked up with a so much other stuff that should be picking up. So he's forty no and one with thirty knockouts. But he's, I'm sorry. Now he's forty one in one with forty not guests. That's ridiculous. Redick use. But she got Jin. So we kind of didn't cover the right RDA versus Kevin -ly be interested. The numbers on this fight may can't begin to have idea what they are probably not yet probably not yet. But then I were talking to we saw the fighting just seemed like heavenly was his energy was just shot. He's kind of fallen I love Kevin have on the show. He's great dude. Grape fighter. He's at once seventy right? Yeah. Dose angeles. Tough tough..

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