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I'm certainly old enough to remember all the day World Series games and how you know. 'cause when you're a kid, my goodness this, they're, they're more than phenomenal. And by the way you, you talked about the new technology. Maybe the fact that they're changes will be upon us because of the new technology. Maybe I was wrong maybe one day that day games will return because they're on all these devices. It is a heck of an age living in where you know you, you could near the Anki broadcast all over the world that we we. We have listeners all over the world. You can listen on their MLB app or whatever the devices are. You. You know, I I didn't ask you when when does your season begin? Well, we actually start practice next Wednesday, October tenth, and our first game is sometime the first week in October or something like that. Yeah. Remember we look, it's believe me. I'm. I wanna actually you have to call timeouts and walk up and down the sideline this year we're, we're going to have to work at it a little bit more than we have. Let's say in the last couple of years, so it'll be exciting. It'll be a nice challenge for us. You know? I have. I have an ability last night. It's a great example. The game is just as much fun and exciting. Of course. Then last night was a playoff game, Yankee Stadium, MOS delirious, and every game is great. Do you feel the same way when you entering a game, you're gonna coach game. Do you feel the same way that you just love this game and you can't wait for the the competition? Yeah, you know, I'm sure after one hundred and sixty two games during those on your sixty two games, you're not going to feel that way every single night out. Obviously. I mean, that's just human. Obviously, but but when you go out and you know, like let's say, we play at the excel centre in downtown Hartford, and we're playing and there's fifteen thousand people there, and it's national television and the fans are crazy. And we're playing, let's say, Notre Dame or somebody. Yeah, you walk out there and you go, man. This is going to be amazing and you feel it, you feel it all through your body and you you become like. You become one with the with the players in the you want. When I, you know, when the opening tip goes up and. Your team gets the ball and you're coming down on offense. It's almost like you're playing in a in a library 'cause you don't even hear the crowd. You are so completely invalid in the game, and it's not until all of a sudden, some big thing happens late in the game. There's a Ron and and there's a time out and the players are coming to the bench and you realize, damn, there's places loud and it it just it does it. It kind of overwhelmed you. It really does. It's incredible. So I can imagine what it's like the walkout the Yankee Stadium for a playoff game and sixty thousand people are out of their minds and especially if you hit a, especially, you know, there's a. When the judge had his own run first inning. Yeah, you just sat down and your seats and right away. Now you've lost your mind. Like, you know, we're. We're gonna come on what could be better than this? So. We're very lucky that we can make a living at a job that you really love. They really, you really want. I don't like the packing and unpacking and the traveling and Yankee time we don't. We don't get getaway day game. So Yankee time as we get every city at four in the morning, I don't love that. But as far as the game, that's it's easy to like, and you're in a car right now driving the Fenway park. Right, right. So I'm I'm driving to the hotel, but yes to the hotel. Okay. So tomorrow night. I pitch. The judge and it's over the green monster. Let me hear it. Come on, it's judgy and blast. Hey, his one over the green monster, all rise here comes the judge. I love it. I love it. I love. I love it, John. Thank you so much, really. Really appreciate this was a lot of fun. My pleasure. And I hope I run into you on the sideline some night, but I would love nothing more than that. Enjoyed the sink you..

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