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Meant to make the federal government that driving engine of America and then that was a concerted their purpose. Now we move to federalist 10 because I want a little bit of this segment in the last segment. Um, the key line, innit? Enlightened statement will not always be at the helm a meeting we're gonna have mediocrity and sometimes bad men and women at the helm. What is Madison proposed to do about? I just want you to take the floors. You might Do you teach the federalists often in seminar, Doctor? I have many times I have been doing it like because I got graduates teach death of my wife has been Consumed. I teach undergraduate and graduate and I haven't taught the Constitution course in about five years, but I've taught it many times. So how do you teach them and what ordered you from the federal can't read about. In other words, the federals unfolds in an order. The early papers are first steps in an argument. And you know, Federalist 10. In federal nine and federalist Tan, especially in a partnership. They introduced the problem. Of of controlling power, which you must assemble in order to have government. And in Federalist nine. They make the argument that because it's going to be big and spread out. It'll be harder for there to be conspiracies. And and also that, uh, you'll have to talk out loud. It's one of Madison's made points all the way through, although Hamilton Road Federalist night That was 10 makes the point that people get bound up into groups, interest groups and friends and People who think alike and people have the same interests, especially And they formed factions. And you've got to keep those factions from becoming a majority hold that thought will be right back to finish up today's Hillsdale dialogue and federalist 10. But before federal is 10 relief factor dot com, and the reason is you're gonna go work out this Thursday. You're You know, you're all mixed up because the telltale dialogues on the Thursday don't think it's the weekend it's Thursday. Normally to help they'll dialogue is on Friday, but you still need your relief factor on Thursday and Friday. Get ready for that weekend warrior stuff anyway. Get your relief actor. I took it in the first hour today. I'm taking it. I'm telling you to take it in the second hour and I'll tell people in this third hour. Take it, and the reason is very simple. Every day. You should be moving an active every day. You need your 10,000 steps. He I can run him. You can jog him. You can walk him. You can call him. You gotta go 10,000 steps in you and check your iPhone. You make sure you're doing it. But you've got to be active to stay young. And if you're exercising, you need relief acted a Support the relief of those minor aches and pains that come with a good workout. Don't don't Don't turn me off, in fact turned relief factor on it. Relief factor dot com and then come right back for more of the Hillsdale dialogue on Federalist 10 right after this.

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