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Wouldn't it be better with a ten percent discount stores and a target dot com? Plus an additional twenty percent off fruits, veggies, simply balanced products and see ninety year as target team member. You'll get these great discounts plus competitive pay target is hiring full-time warehouse workers starting at eighteen ninety one in our full-time Packers starting at five thousand ninety five an hour, plus an additional one dollar per hour through December first two thousand eighteen for the distribution center in Wilton all eligible new hires will receive a one time five hundred dollars. Sign on bonus after ninety days apply. Online at target dot com slash careers. Or in person at your next target. Iran. Target is an equal opportunity employer in a drug free workplace riverside center for rehabilitation and nursing reminds you that September as national rehabilitation awareness month through rehabilitation people overcome injury and illness and pursue their dreams. Rehab provides them with the power to work to play parent and live life to its fullest. So Luther rehab professionals who helped make life more meaningful presented by riverside center. For rehabilitation and nursing only nine miles from Albany five one eight seven three two seven six one seven or riverside center. Rehab dot com. We are closer than you think. Did you know that breast cancer kills more than forty thousand people each year in the US that's unacceptable. Breast cancer is unacceptable. Join our community in the fight against breast cancer and help Susan G Komen save lives. Register today for the twenty four th annual northeastern New York race for the cure October sixth at Empire State plaza. Help run breast cancer out of town plus children ten and under can participate in the Blue Shield of northeastern New York kits with the cure dash detail. At home in upstate New York dot ORG be more than pink. I just looked quickly to see. He was texting me. I never text and drive. I was just changing my music is never left the road. I swear down there. He came out of nowhere in the middle of the block to be okay. Drivers and strengthens see and BC the instant you stop paying attention. You could be the instant, you'll always regret a message from.

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