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He's doing his rodeo drive rather stay concord and we gotta go to that or i do you're gonna go play softball kimmel but that's because bruce called like we need to cars out here i'm gonna go i'm gonna go morning okay because i don't have to bug out until about twelve twelve thirty something like that where you're gonna play i actually checked it which is the ucla girls softball stadium that jimmy kimmel rents out with food trucks and everything else to play his father's day softball game i said damn that's gotta be three miles three and a half miles from rodeo drive and i told matt to check it and it's like two point three miles so i can get more dare drive to ucla softball feel than five ten minutes first pitch goes out at like one o'clock i mean they got the soft swirled ice cream truck if you wanna get yeah but that's a good day with tons of cool cats and the kids going nuts so i can theoretically go to rodeo until you know twelve thirty and then pack up the kids and the wife and head over to the softball game and the rodeo show you wanna go early because i do that every year as well and it gets crowded walked become pack so go to that one really early you'll see everything you can get out of there do i know you have a personal collection dave.

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