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It is the rare saturday edition of the eye on college basketball. Podcast and the reason is of course as you saw with the update that jumped right into your phone. Gonzaga baylor is no more. It has been postponed due to multiple covid positive tests inside gonzaga's program. So can this game get made up between the schools. They both wanted to happen. When might that happen. I was able to interact with scott drew earlier on saturday. So we're gonna get to our reactions and the other major cancelation from saturday that you might have overlooked emergency. Podcast starts right now. Scary saturday december fifth. Two thousand twenty. Welcome back to the cbs sports. I own college basketball podcast where we sometimes discuss camel fighting an leaky black matt. Norlander is here with me and super disappointing news in the world of college basketball by now. You've likely heard. But if not i regret to inform you that you maslow's game with bryant. That was scheduled for saturday has been postponed. The river hawks were favored to snap their three game. Losing streak and put a smile on elvis presley's face loyal listeners of this podcast obviously know the story by now. Nobody else does. But if you're subscribe at the college basketball pockets you're well versed on how the king left to blow for law in one thousand nine hundred eighty three to pursue a formal education while they're just absolutely fell in love with the river. Hawks on elvis did not live long enough to experience. Donde set years but still his passion for river hawks basketball. It never waned so it was rough news. When it was announced on saturday that umass low bryant is off and then elsewhere in the sport the showdown between number one gonzaga in number two baylor also called off on saturday. According to a statement released by both schools gonzaga player in somebody else zags traveling party tested positive for covid nineteen so what was going to be. The forty third matchup in college basketball history between the teams ranked number one and number two in the people will instead go down as the first number one versus number two showdown in college basketball history to be called off because of a global pandemic. It's disappointing but understandable it's deflating but unsurprising so norlander. Let's start here. we were both about. I dunno seventy minutes from jumping on. Cbs sports hq to preview saga. Baylor when it was called off. We both agree. It was the right and smart thing to do but we can also agree it. Sucks this sucks right. it does and i'm gonna get to that in a second first of all. I love the dead right through it. This is also neglected to mention. You know it's the first ever meeting between umass lowell. Brian so we we've never had number one gonzaga versus number two baylor. And we've never had umass lowell versus brian. That is still the case a light on that. We lost a lot on this saturday. Moment of silence please. Okay thoughts with the with the river hawks. The bulldogs there Yeah this was so we. We were getting ready to go on. Hq i get a text from an unexpected source. That says scoop for you. Gonzaga ballard played. And i'm thinking this close really then. I said i need to know who told you this. I can't tell you so. I sent another text. That person indeed confirmed with me. And i guess i got it right when they announced it. I was told that the team's new at about about ninety minutes. Maybe two hours before tip that it was not going to get played. I was also told that gonzaga's tests results came back. Friday night And that there was not a subsequent test with with all of that There's a few things i wanted to discuss with your gp on this relatively quick emergency pod for everyone. Listening on saturday Thanks for joining us in. Yeah we're done that. We didn't get to see this game The biggest question here Has got your a presser afterward. I asked him about this directly. But this is the same. Exact scenario gonzaga found itself in when it was in florida It it had a it had a staff member or a non player test positive and then had a player test positive. What we don't know yet what we may not ever know Mark few did not have a zoom presser the way that scattered. So maybe this'll come later. I don't know we don't know if it's the same people or not. Is it different. People you know was was this a case of of gonzaga i would presume. It is actually different. People i would. I would assume it's gotta be a different person as well because the initial person was jillian. Straw reportedly right and he would have been isolated from everybody since that moment and so the him testing positive again. I do not believe would have triggered this type of reaction. I agree with you and so with all of that. Said so ashley hodge. hogan hope. I have her name browns correctly. She works for three sixty five which is a local outlet dedicated to covering baylor sports and this was her report that i asked drew about in the presser. She quote word from india's that both gonzaga and baylor wanted to play this game but the health department shutdown baylor players are crushed. Had the cancellation happened. Yesterday baylor had an alternate opponent lined up and quote a couple of things on this. I think that there is a possibility that this game was in florida. It would've been played it because the the health officials were ultimately the ones that. We're not gonna let this go down. And then the teams got together and and said okay. that's fine. i ask got drew directly. If that report was accurate. He did not he did. He did not answer the question directly. He did not that report. He also did not deny that report. But it stands to reason. You know these coaches these players really really wanna play the game but the but the right. Gp we agree that the right decision was was absolutely made here Before i toss it back to you. I want to You know re emphasize what the schools put out jointly Because i thought for all that you know for as much of a bummer that this was this was an important statement that was made by drew mark few disappointed not to be able to play one of the most anticipated games of the season but we are following the vice public health officials and then later in that statement they say there are much greater issues in this world and not being able to play basketball game. So we're going to continue praying for everyone who's been affected by this pandemic. That's the statement that you put out there. Even if privately. And i'm not saying this was the case but according to the report this was the case even if privately scott drew in mark few thought we really wanna play this game Cooler heads prevail. This is the decision you need. Make an. I don't think it's a coincidence that it was made in this venue. Oh by the way with dan. Gavitt who runs the tournament on site just wants zag had positives that popped friday night there. They were just not gonna play. This game wants to have this happen again. After having it happened originally against kansas and then against in florida well i mean. Let's speak with what we know. Gonzaga has already agreed to play a game after a player test positive and was in the locker room mask celeb maskless celebrating after that game. So the idea that a positive one positive test on the team would be the thing. That makes gonzaga go. We can't do this. That's not backed up by gonzaga decided to do last week. So listen i'm hearing out here to nitpick a statement. But i think you're right if health officials would have allowed this game too. I can't speak for baylor. But if health officials were allowed this game to be played it stands to reason that gonzaga would have been willing to play at if based on nothing other than the decision. Gonzaga has already made at one point in the season. I agree with you. Yeah and this is listen. This was this is definitely a major blow. I mean this is the premier game in college basketball this this weekend. It's the premier game of college sports There's two college football all it will have plenty of of watch matchups in byu versus coastal carolina. I actually think it has has a march madness appeal to it This is one versus two. And so we lose it. And it's and it's a. It's a major downer there Gp has a column up that. I will link in the description of this podcast episode. If you'd like to read it he he reacted off of that Before we get to them playing again Baylor and offer up some details on what we know right now. Here in the moment Nutshell review of what you posted. So people can read it so they can kind of get some more insight on On your thoughts on what happened saturday..

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