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And all the atlas games tend to to really pull out all the stops for their their soundtrack being the halo soundtrack for me. Obviously. I mean, it's we're going back a little bit. But I mean, it's still kind of within that I would say later ration- like not rhetoric if you went back to halo from now the same gap in time that you'd go back from now to halo. If you went back and was actually eighteen ninety nine. So think about that guy. Yeah. It's big gap. Yeah. Again, my favorite video game music of all time is probably shadow gate on the S. And if you want to feel sold the very first halo came out thirty five years ago. Started to believe. Yeah. Yeah. So thirty years before that the wild west. Yeah. They're wild. That was when saloons the. Last woolly mammoth was still walking there. There's willing math nears this this now do that. This is the constant resurrection. They woke up cells from a an twenty eight thousand year old William walls. They could go wrong time. What's up, they find that meet all the time like found a well preserved one, and they inserted the cells into like a mouse like like over he sells. Ozzie saw they saw biologic biological activity in there, and they got to the point where the cells would like almost divide. They're not dividing. They're not growing again. But isn't that crazy? There's any sort of activity in the. Like like, there's no good answer to. Why like why are we doing this like because because they say in cool, and we think it's too right or wrong that we we might have had some some well, some 'cause I they they said the article that I read said it doesn't mean that they're going to be able to bring back, ma'am. But it will let them study more about Willie mammoths and how they lived back then. So I think that's awesome. And that mouse is giving me really weird. Yeah. We're mouth. We're mouse. We need more of those mouses a good name for a band or something. It's pretty good as you say your favorite contemporary game soundtrack. I didn't say emperor SF shadow gates. Oh, shadow get. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Do you guys didn't share your favorite? Yeah. I mean, I think we talked about in spot. Yeah. Oh transit. What what's happening in brings us to via game. One question. This is the theme. The California games are small this week comes from west in Atlanta. Yeah. That's more, Richard. Barry originally Louis than it is the Kingsman. Yeah. It's pretty solid. I sit on Sam. Yeah. David let the questioning million. I think we're done. It was great. Does this game have multi player? No. Is this game after nine hundred ninety? Yes. This game. Come in cartridge form. No is this game after two thousand. Yes. Is this Nintendo franchise? Yes. There you go. It makes it so easy. It's fine. I just sweat shoot. From the hip Heidi..

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