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Dot com. I'm very proud of that and what we did there. We were a pioneer <hes> internet radio in early days and euro part of that once i yeah yeah <hes> also hosted a radio. Show there where rhapsody where i was able to highlight you know platinum and grammy award winning artists indie the artist <hes> international bestselling authors it was a blast good times and then the last part that i would wanna share with people i guess <hes> to make it as they can basically been a lifelong activist <hes> i was assistant to the league p._r. <hes> the handled handles various other roles and save on martin case from the week after inception and member of the initial coalition in the martin family family and then <hes> i also represented the african american firefighter out of indiana who experienced the new thing terms everybody superior and twenty thirteen and we brought that to national attention so that occurred in my hometown which also happens to the the location is the last known public lynching an inspiration for billie holiday's strange through so <hes> you know that's very important thing to bring up because it's such an integral part of my life and it's also part of my writing life you know <hes> a book that will be coming out in the future but above above all i have to say i've always been a writer since i was a child and a poet at heart yeah i was and as you know as you know better than anyone anyone and music had you know plan my first wedding gig at the age of eleven so those are the pieces of the i start with. I guess oh how would that those are some pieces and <hes> you know to yes to see you know how they how they come together. <hes> oh you know not only in your personage in creative output <hes> i did have a question <hes> about there's a very special of dedication in sunrises at midnight <hes> it's it's dedicated to prince <hes>. Could you tell it was about about that and and what compels you to publish the book now well. The brook wouldn't exist without prints before four french. Read my writing including my poetry but thought of quote unquote doing something with it had never entered my mind and i've written the style throughout my knees us into adulthood and i just i didn't share my poetry. Openly i would share it was their friends here there <hes> the the kit the dedication in sunrises at midnight as read dedicated to prince rogers nelson for being a reflection of what i was not yet able to see him myself love for you and that's the truth..

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