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A high of eighty seven in seventy four degrees said newsradio WFLA Republican leaders in Congress are bucking the trend and are actually being critical of the president when it comes to his plan of pulling US troops back from northern Syria Florida senator Marco Rubio calls it ill advised the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says US interests are best served by American leadership not by retreat the president pushing back against criticism of the move ahead of a planned invasion by Turkey even as both Democrats and some Republicans expressed concern the withdrawal could lead to the genocide of our Kurdish allies and rise of ISIS in the region he was supposed to be a short term hit just a very short term hit and we were supposed to be in and out that was many many years ago we want to bring our troops back home and I got elected on that some Republicans including senators rand Paul and likely support the decision even normally divided congressional leadership came together to denounce the president's decision albeit in drastically different ways Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying the move would only benefit Russia Iran and the Assad regime bureau in Washington a new poll out this morning shows nearly six in ten Americans support the impeachment inquiry into president trump The Washington Post survey shows fifty eight percent support for the inquiry while thirty eight percent are opposed on the question of actually impeaching trump forty nine percent support the impeachment of the president as ambassador to the European Union can expected grilling on Capitol Hill today Gordon Sunland will testify in the house impeachment inquiry Sunland will be asked about his role in trump's effort to get Ukraine's president to investigate political rival and former vice president Joe Biden's family president trump's business has been ordered to turn over tax returns after a ruling in court but the trouble organization is appealing the decision in a seventy five page ruling Monday federal judge Victor Marrero rejected president trump's legal teams claim that the president cannot be investigated while in office writing in part the expansive notion of constitutional immunity invoked here to shield the president from judicial process would constitute an over reach of executive power the president fired back on Twitter calling the ruling unprecedented saying the radical left Democrats have failed on all fronts so now they are pushing local New York City and state Democrat prosecutors to get president trump Lisa Matteo reporting a vigil remembering the murders of for homeless people in New York a cloud of grief still hangs.

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